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November 14, 2019

Brett Moffitt

Homestead, Florida

Q. If you win the championship you'll be the first driver to win consecutive championships with two different teams. What's that mean to you?
BRETT MOFFITT: Well yeah, obviously winning the championship is the first goal. I was fortunate to be with a good team last year and get the job done and I'm fortunate to be with a good team again this year and be in position to do the same. So I mean, obviously, winning it with two different teams is a little more difficult than staying with the same team two years in a row, but we have gained traction as a team and we get more competitive week‑in and week‑out. So I feel really good about it.

Q. If you win the championship for a second year in a row, you're already announced that you're coming back next season, but what do you think that puts into your stock for the future?
BRETT MOFFITT: Yeah, I mean I view this opportunity‑‑ I've said it all along‑‑ I don't want to be in mid‑pack equipment or back‑of‑the‑pack equipment just to be a Cup or Xfinity driver, I want to be in positions to win. I've been there, I've done that, I lost my love for racing doing that and I just got to take this as a chance to win and continue on with it. Maury Gallagher and the Gallagher family gave me a great opportunity here, but for me it's just build a resume. You're never going to make a huge living Truck racing in this day and age or anything like that, it's just building the resume to hopefully appeal to a Cup team one day down the road where I can get back to racing on Sundays and be in winning equipment and try to win championships in that series.

Q. Have you met David Gravel and how do you think he'll do in a truck?
BRETT MOFFITT: I've not met David, but he does extremely well in a sprint car, so I would assume that he will adapt to the trucks well. I'm not sure exactly what races he's going to run, I think that will play a role in it, obviously the mile‑and‑a‑halfs would be tougher understanding all the aero that goes on with the trucks, but I think he'll do good.

Q. Winning the title last year and the run you had this year, do you feel like you have a leg up on those guys or do you think you're all on an even keel?
BRETT MOFFITT: I mean, it's hard to say here at Homestead. I would have to believe in myself and my team first, obviously, I think we're the ones to win it. But it's, with limited practice and limited tires and the way this place eats up tires you really have to unload and be good right off the truck, it's hard to really make big adjustments. So I think after practice we'll have a better outlook on the day and move on from there.

Q. How much do you think that having been successful dealing with the pressure of the final race last year already will help you this year?
BRETT MOFFITT: Oh, it helps a ton. Last year was my first time competing full‑time in quite awhile and really running for championships, and certainly my first time going through the Playoff format, which, when you're in it for the first time it can be really stressful, you just got to learn to step back and look at the big picture and whether it's the Round of 8 or the Round of 6 or the Round of 4 you got to remember you're only racing those other trucks. There's 30 other trucks out there, but you just need to focus on beating them and that's all that really matters. So having that experience in my pocket certainly helps, but you never know with this sport.

Q. Has GMS proven a point or maybe jumped up to be the No. 1 team in the Truck Series, do you feel like, considering three of the championship four has GMS technology this year?
BRETT MOFFITT: Yeah, certainly, it's always been an ongoing battle I feel between GMS and KBM and we're doing everything we can to move forward to be the powerhouse team in the Truck Series and that's what we owe Mr.Gallagher and their family for giving us this opportunity and the right tools in Chevrolet, and we just, we got to go win. We got to win and we got to keep building the team. Obviously, you've seen Tyler Ankrum announce that's coming over, which I think is going to be really good for our team as well and just help build and hopefully next year with when we get to this point it's four GMS trucks in the Championship 4.

Q. Being able to race against him this year before he comes over to GMS, what's been your impression of Tyler, what do you feel like he brings to the team?
BRETT MOFFITT: Well Tyler's just, I mean, obviously, he's young and it's kind of my role to help steer him like I do Sheldon in the right direction. And Tyler's just, he's willing to work at it and he's willing to listen, he doesn't come in with an ego or an attitude, he's just an open book and he wants what's best for himself and he's willing to learn. So I think it will be a good fit for our organization.

Q. Are you a guy that cares about stats and records? Like, for instance, if you did win the championship this year you would be the first in any of the three national series to win back‑to‑back with two different teams in the modern era.
BRETT MOFFITT: Yeah, I mean I don't get into the stats when I'm in the heat of things, like it's not something on the back of my mind going into tomorrow. But I think looking back you want to have the most success possible, so that if that day never comes where I get to go try to win Cup championships, at least I can have a few boxes checked off in my racing career. And I would say my manager Matt probably looks more into that than I do, but in the heat of things you just got to go for wins and win championships.

Q. Where would you be right now if you hadn't gotten the call from Maury?
BRETT MOFFITT: Probably miserable. I don't know where I would be physically, but I would probably be running mid‑pack, back‑of‑the‑back Cup or Xfinity stuff, if that opportunity came about, which few of them did. But, yeah, it's just not what I want to do, like I said, so that would have been a tough decision on whether to sit out or whether to compete in that fashion.

Q. So when Austin Hill didn't make the Championship 4 in the champion‑winning truck, were you like, well...
BRETT MOFFITT: Yeah, I mean, you try not to think about it that way, but it's, obviously I was not happy about how the year ended last year, winning a championship and getting released from my job and I guess it's karma, I'll say that.

Q. What's your off‑season plans look like?
BRETT MOFFITT: Off season? I don't know. I want to go skiing, so hopefully I can get out to Colorado and go skiing. The snow's already awesome out there, so that's my only real goal.

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