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November 13, 2019

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

Sun City, South Africa

Q. Must be incredible for you to be here at the Nedbank Golf Channel?
CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Yeah, it's a dream come true. I've seen this event live since I was nine years old coming here, and here with my family and stuff. To be here now is a dream come true for me.

Q. Talk about the memories that you have of this event, watching on TV, what sticks out for you?
CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: I mean, every year, this event is a big highlight for all the South Africans golfers and people that likes the sport and stuff. Just to be thought of is a real honor and should be a special week.

Q. Is it living up to all the hype and expectation?
CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: For the first three days so far, it's actually been quiet, but I think as soon as you step up on that first tee on Thursday, with the crowd, you could only dream of it. Coming here this week, it's special.

Q. It's an indication, as well, just how good your season has been, if you get to this stage and obviously next week, as well. A time for you to reflect on how got campaign has been so far?
CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Definitely. Every year you try to qualify for the final events, and yeah, I had a special year. Best year of my career so far, so for me, being here is a real bonus and stuff. To qualify for this event and to still be in the Top-20 in The Race to Dubai and to give myself a chance to reach my goals at the end of the year that I've set for myself, and one of them was to finish in The Race to Dubai inside the Top-20, so it's still in play and I'm looking forward to this week.

Q. As far as an advantage you guys potentially have, you've played this course many times over and on the Sunshine Tour, as well. How different is the way the course plays this week from what you get on the Sunshine Tour?
CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Normally the Sunshine Tour, you play in the wintertime, so the greens are a little bit firmer and there's not much rough and stuff.

So it plays a little bit easier, but there's a reason why it's called the Green Monster. It's a demanding course off the tee. You have to drive it well here to make a score here, so definitely the key here is just to get your ball in the fairways and stuff, and from there, you can actually attack the course.

Q. Probably playing a little bit longer because it's softer, but maybe the greens are more receptive, and you can go at a few more flags or positions you might not normally?
CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Yeah, it's definitely playing longer with the rain and stuff, so you don't get much run in the fairways and stuff. The greens are softer and they are as true as I've ever seen it. There's definitely going to be putts made here, and yeah, you can attack the flags with long irons.

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