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November 10, 2019

Kyle Larson

Avondale, Arizona

Q. What more did you need to be able to go up there and challenge for the victory?
KYLE LARSON: I don't know, the 11 was obviously really fast. But yeah, like you said, we were running around fifth to seventh all day, and that's kind of what I thought we had for speed yesterday or the other day in practice. That's what we ran. Would have liked to have restarted on top that final one. I couldn't really make the VHT work throughout our run, but for the first few laps I knew it would be really grippy up there, I was just always stuck on the bottom. I was able to get clear after we ran a lap and got around the 4 and 19, I think, up there. But yeah, you know, it was a so‑so day, but able to finish fourth. Obviously we needed a win, but didn't get that done.
All in all, a great season for our team. A little rocky at the start, but we kept our heads down and kept working hard and got our stuff a lot better and more consistent throughout this season. We'll try to go to Homestead next week and get a win. I've felt like a win has been coming every time I show up there. We'll try and end this season strong there with a win and celebrate in Miami.

Q. What have you learned getting this far to the playoffs? This is the furthest you've made it with this race team. Is there anything that sticks out, where you say, man, I didn't realize that was going to be the case so we can definitely take that into next year?
KYLE LARSON: I mean, like as far as like the racing goes and the final ten races, it's really no different than the regular season. I just‑‑ I think in '17 we had a lot of playoff points going into the playoffs and that was nice, we just got eliminated I think in the first round that year or whatever it may have been with a blown engine, and this year I came into it with like four points. So I think what I learned is that you need to have a really good regular season if you really want to have a shot to win the championship unless you're going to go out here and win, because points still really matter.
Yeah, next year we'll try and work harder and do better throughout the regular season to benefit ourselves when we get to the playoffs.

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