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November 10, 2019

Kyle Busch

Kevin Harvick

Martin Truex, Jr.

Avondale, Arizona

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr.
We'll take questions.

Q. First time a team has this three guys in the final four. How are you going to handle this week? Will you treat each other, share info differently than you normally do?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: I wouldn't think so. I mean, I don't know. I can't speak for everyone. I feel like we're all here because we work together. Our teams work together really well. We got a great group at Joe Gibbs Racing. I would assume all the way till Sunday morning we'll probably all work together. That's just what I think. We'll see what everybody else wants to do.
KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, no, I agree. I think we've done that. We've done that in the past with Carl and myself. I wouldn't imagine it would be any different now. It's just a matter of all of us doing what we do throughout the week for preparation and everything, getting down there.
Last year Martin and myself were in. I guess he wasn't really a teammate, but in reality they kind of still were. We worked together all the way to Sunday. They were really, really fast and better than us. Same with Carl. He was fast that year. Then the 17, right, when you won, we were really fast, just didn't have track position.
I think Denny said it best in the piece that we did for FOX, which was once you start to kind of hold back anything, then that just can kind of snowball and be bad for everybody.
I agree with him on that.

Q. It's good to have a teammate win. Was there any part of you guys saying I would rather not compete against Denny at Homestead?
KYLE BUSCH: Compete against the four best guys, right?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Yeah, I mean, the reality is if you want to win the championship, you have to win the race at Homestead. He would be in the race either way. Yeah, I mean, we'll see how it goes. Cool to be here, we're excited. I think all of us are jacked up and ready to go. We'll see what happens.

Q. On a lighter side, you both have been in this position before. This is kind of Denny's first time. Do you have any plans throughout the week to try to mess with him a little bit, get in his head, give him some tips that aren't valid to see what he does?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: No, I'm not sure how do you that really. No plans.

Q. Kyle, is it any more satisfying to make it through after kind of a bumpy road in the Playoffs?
KYLE BUSCH: No. I never questioned our ability or our opportunity to be able to go out there and achieve, get ourselves to the final four.
Yeah, we had a rough road. Other teams have rougher. But we're here. That's the good part.
THE MODERATOR: We're now joined by Kevin Harvick.

Q. Kyle, on the last restart, you were all the way down into I guess the infield fence, almost got to Denny. Did you hold off at all? Was it that important to get Denny into the championship?
KYLE BUSCH: No, I was racing for me at that point. Denny was on the outside, had control of the restart and everything. I was trying to get by the 12 and do what I could. I heard for a moment we were three‑wide in the corner, and I lost front grip because I went that low and just got dirt on my tires. Once it recovered and I got up off the corner, luckily I was ahead of the 12 already, but I was behind the 11.
Once that happened I couldn't really get close enough to the 11. Two tires is better than four.

Q. Kevin, you said you wanted to use this weekend as a look at next year. Did you feel like you guys were able to make some gains on anything, or do you feel like less sure of yourself after this?
KEVIN HARVICK: No, I think we're pretty confident that we're a fifth‑place car (laughter).
You know, I think that's about what we thought coming in here. That's about where we were the first race. So we just got to do something different.

Q. For all three of you. Aside from Jimmie Johnson, if one of three of you win the championship, you'll be the only other driver with multiple championships. Any thought on that? It's a 'what if'. If you do, any thoughts on being the next guy to have multiple championships?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: I think it would be great (smiling).

Q. For any of you, if NASCAR were to try to maybe cut the spoiler a little bit for these tracks, there's a ban that teams can't develop new parts and pieces. Is it realistic they could cut the spoiler or would you need new parts and pieces? Looked like it was tough to pass today, especially if you had four tires at the end.
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: It's been like that.
KYLE BUSCH: Whoever gets the lead, bye‑bye.

Q. Any comment you would offer on the traction compound, significance or non‑significance today?
KEVIN HARVICK: I think it would have been a lot better race if they would have got it low enough. It was just way too high I thought. It was closer in one and two. I mean, it was still probably three or four feet. Probably needed to come down just a little bit in that end.
The other end, it was seven or eight feet. It was a lot. It was a lot. I think it could definitely be beneficial. It was way too high.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen. Good luck next week in Miami.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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