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November 10, 2019

Joey Logano

Avondale, Arizona

Q. Early in the race Joey Logano had a car that would lead. Any idea what happened later?
JOEY LOGANO: No clue. I went from a car that could lead and win a stage and run really well, and from what they told me, it was an air pressure adjustment made it go from a winning car to can't stay on the lead lap, and one of the tightest things I've ever driven. I don't really understand it. It doesn't make any sense. You change tires and change a half pint of air, that sounds ridiculous. It is what it is. Just wasn't our year to make it, I guess. But we'll fight for fifth, I guess, in points for this year, and we'll move on. It stinks. It hurts a little bit, but we'll live.
Everything is going to be okay. Life is a lot worse in other ways for some. We're still fortunate to be here and get to do what we love. It's a bummer for sure. It doesn't take anything away from that, but it's just part of the game sometimes.

Q. Was there anything you felt mechanically other than the fact that the handling went away, no other clues for you?
JOEY LOGANO: No, I just‑‑ I mean, like I said, the tightest thing I've ever driven. I don't know why it would do that. Just changed tires. It is what it is. We fought hard. We did what we had to do in the front half of the race. We had a fast car, and the guys did a good job with that, and we had really fast pit stops and we were in championship mode there I thought, and something fell apart and just needed a caution. Of course of all the runs to run really long, that was the one. It is what it is, and at the end you just hope that Harvick or Truex wins at the end. But it was wishful thinking.

Q. What will be the feelings going into racing next week?
JOEY LOGANO: The same. I mean, we're going to go there to win. Our goal doesn't change. Our goal is the same whether we're in the playoffs or not. It's to win. We'll go down there and prepare the same way we were going to and win the race. That's the goal.

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