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November 10, 2019

Jennifer Kupcho

Tokyo, Japan

Q. The front nine today, talk about how well you were playing out there.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I mean, I was hitting the ball really well. Gave myself a lot putts. I even missed a couple, left them on the lip. I played really well this week and I'm pretty happy with it.

Q. Yeah. How aware of the leaderboard were you during that time?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, I was aware. I knew she was way ahead and I wasn't really worried about it. I was just trying to play my game. I didn't really hit them close on the back nine, so I never really gave myself a shot.

Q. I know maybe not the way you wanted to come down the stretch, but still a great finish and your best since Evian. How much confidence does that give you going into the last event?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: It's really great. I was definitely struggling with my swing and short game and everything honestly, so to come over to Asia and finish this way heading into CME, I'm pretty excited.

Q. I know playing the Asia swing was one of your goals this year achieved, and now you've got a top 5 finish to cap it off. What's the whole experience been like for you as a rookie?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Really cool just to see all the different countries and different cultures. It's definitely something I would've never dreamed of. It's pretty cool to be able to see it all.

Q. How were the fans on the there today? You were playing with Hinako Shibuno.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: They're crazy. She definitely has the Tiger effect on these Japanese fans over here. She holes out or hits a shot and they all start walking. It's kind of crazy. Definitely have a lot of fans, but they were rowdy for everyone.

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