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March 9, 2003

Scott Hoch


JOHN BUSH: We would like to welcome Scott Hoch to the interview room. Scott, we would like to talk to you about the situation on the last hole and then open it up for questions.

SCOTT HOCH: What do you mean, what about the situation?

JOHN BUSH: I know it came into effect with your eyesight there and talk about how the darkness, how it played into it.

SCOTT HOCH: Well, the one thing is this. If any of you guys were out there it was pretty dark. You can see the grass and the hole. You couldn't read the green. I couldn't. I got my eyes fixed but he didn't give me night vision.

I made that mistake before, not necessarily a mistake, I done that a few times where he would hurry and finish before dark, whether it's a cut or any day, so you don't have to comeback out the first thing in the morning. I rushed it and I can't remember anything ever good happening by doing that. I couldn't see well enough to read a break. If I was going to putt that, then I would have had to go on guess work, what I thought the green was doing, and not what I saw. I wouldn't be able to tell if it was going right or left.

Q. Can you explain at night the problem in your vision?

SCOTT HOCH: I don't have anymore of a problem at night. I see well at night. But as far as depth perception, I have a problem. Before I even got my eyes fixed in the beginning I didn't see when it got dark. And I mean I could see really well at night. But as far as reading greens and stuff, no. I don't have night vision to read greens. I don't hardly play when I am home anyway, but I especially don't play at night.

Q. Can we assume that wasn't a straight in putt?

SCOTT HOCH: I don't know. We will find out tomorrow. I couldn't tell you.

Q. Was there enough --

SCOTT HOCH: I could not tell you if it was going to break right or left. I would think it was going to break a little left due to what we think the green is doing there. I can't tell the slope enough. Jim could have putted if he want to. If he saw his well enough he could have putted. I think he is in agreement to quit also. But since I said I'm done, he said he's done. If I would have gone ahead and putted, he probably would have putted too. I don't know. You would have to ask him. Because Slugger asked me when I started walking up there, he said we can call it at any time. I said we can get it in this hole and call it. Then I got up and looked from the putt from both sides and I didn't see anything. I couldn't tell what I was going to do. So I said, well, I don't want to be here either. I don't want to keep you guys here. I was planning on being home tonight. I can drive home and be home in 3 hours.

Q. There was enough doubt when you got behind that ball?

SCOTT HOCH: Yes, I couldn't see the line. I couldn't see how I wanted to putt it. I could stand over the ball and see the hole to putt. That's not a problem. I could see the hole, but you can't see what the green is doing. As soon as it gets dark like that, you can't see the grade and you can't see the slopes. At least I can't.

Q. What did you think of the fans' reaction booing and chanting?

SCOTT HOCH: It made me feel like we were at the All-Star game.

Q. How many surgeries have you had, eye surgeries?

SCOTT HOCH: I have only had a couple, two on one, three on the other. As far as my eyesight, my eyesight is 20/10, 20/10 and 20/15.

Q. Didn't you play out on a hole and play basically ice hockey on the green?

SCOTT HOCH: Yes, I did. That was in Tulsa, that was one of the times. You try to get it in. You know you are going to make the cut. I was playing decent at the time. I finished top-10 in the tournament. Or top 15 anyway. And I was playing decent. I didn't want to comeback out at 6:30 in the morning knowing I wouldn't have to play until 12:30 or one. It cost me. I hit a good shot into the green and 3 putted from 15 feet. It was darker than this.

Q. What did you think when you came up and saw the ball in the foot print?

SCOTT HOCH: You can't print it. You can't print what I was thinking.

Q. We won't print it, just tell us.

SCOTT HOCH: Sure, sure.

Q. The shot to get it out was good?

SCOTT HOCH: Yes, it was good. I was sitting okay. We had a clump in front and a clump behind. The big deposit of sand behind it was well above the ball, so I couldn't take a regular swing I just had to take it straight up and I couldn't even address the ball, I had to hold it up and take it straight up. Otherwise if I hit the sand going back, then I lost.

Q. How do you prepare for tomorrow morning, do you go through your regular routine?

SCOTT HOCH: Regular routine, yes.

Q. Did you have a problem with the first shot on the playoff hole being able to see the hole very well?

SCOTT HOCH: Yes. The depth perception, trying to hit a delicate shot like that. I was almost ready to say, I felt good with it. I backed off. That was because a bug was flying around.

Q. What about the putt, did you have trouble on the first playoff hole?

SCOTT HOCH: No, not really. We thought we knew what we were going to do because Bob Tway had the same putt when I played with him in the tournament on the 72-hold, so we saw what kind of what it was doing. Also how his chipped released and mine released. Bob hit it about 3 and a half feet by. I didn't want to do anything stupid there. I thought it was quick. I didn't hit it hard enough.

Q. Do you think you will take a beating from this?


Q. You?


Q. From the public?

SCOTT HOCH: Sorry, I mean you have to win a tournament. You got to do what you can. Well, being a golfer and being out there, if any of you guys were out there and saw it not on TV, because TV makes it look brighter than it is, and you get this much riding on the tournament, I think anybody would agree that it would have been a tough situation. And if other people feel bad -- I would like to have had a result today. And I would have liked that result in my favor. But if I feel that it's a disadvantage for me to continue because I can't see the line, then I shouldn't play and they shouldn't hold that against me. I think it was a mutual decision. I was just the one that said it first. And knowing the rule. I played hockey puck with it a couple of times when I was trying to finish up even in big tournaments. You just have a tough time seeing.

Q. Scott, will you go out and hit anymore like 8 foot putts?

SCOTT HOCH: Oh, yes I will do more of those. I will try to find a putt like that go to the putting green and putt it. Or get out there before they cut the greens or anybody is on the greens out there and hit. Hit a few without anyone seeing me so I could see where the break is.

Q. The first playoff hole --

SCOTT HOCH: I can't do that. I was just kidding about that.

Q. The first playoff hole you walk over and look at Furyk's ball when he was in the (Inaudible)

SCOTT HOCH: Well, we are in Match Play situation now. I feed off of what he does. I thought I was going to go first, I wanted to see what he had. That would determine how I was going to play my shot, whether I would be more aggressive and go toward the pin or play to the right and have a chance at birdie. He had a tough shot. He did have a tough shot to the green. I hit it where I aimed it but I was hoping I pulled it a little bit. He hit long. I don't know why he hit it long, but he hit it long, and was able to drop. Maybe actually that was a smart shot, he might have been playing long in case he hit the sand and playing heavy because he knew where he would be dropping go it. He probably was smart in doing that. He hit an excellent chip shot.

JOHN BUSH: Thanks for coming by. Good luck in the morning.

End of FastScripts....

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