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November 9, 2019

Gaby Lopez

Tokyo, Japan

Q. Another great round of golf today. What is it about the final event on the Asian swing that gets you going at the end of the year?
GABY LOPEZ: I don't know. I mean, I guess, you know, it took me a couple weeks to kind of figure my game out here in Asia. I'm really excited to come to Japan. This is my first time playing the tournament, but I played here in the World Am and I just fell in love with the country. I love this country.

And I don't know. I think good momentum, and hopefully tomorrow I stick to my game and stay patient.

Q. I think a couple of fans fell in love with you out there today. What was key for you in breaking down the golf course?
GABY LOPEZ: I guess it's key to be below the hole on every single green. Everything slopes back to front. The more you are putting uphill the more aggressive you can be.

Sometimes it's hard just because it's slopey on the fairways. But, I mean, I think my caddie and I did a good job. I mean, I don't know. Tomorrow it's a whole different story. It's a new beginning, a new start. I'll do my best and we'll see.

Q. Give us some insight into your mentality going into the final round. Are you a leaderboard watcher? Are you just going for broke out there?
GABY LOPEZ: I think just going to be smart. My caddie and I think we got to be really smart with which holes we can attack and which holes we shouldn't attack.

I think tomorrow is Sunday day, and I think there is going to be some tough pins out there. Just be aggressive when I need to and stay patient when I need to. Today I made a couple of funky swings, and just really reminding myself how great I've been doing the last come days and I just need to be patient. Every single golf shot is not going to be perfect. I'm okay with no perfect.

Q. Trending in the right direction at least. Best of luck out there tomorrow.
GABY LOPEZ: Thank you.

Q. You played golf amateur?

Q. Maybe 2016? (Indiscernible.)
GABY LOPEZ: No, I think it was like 2014; '14, yeah. Yes. I played there and I came fifth in the World Am, and I just fell in love. I was actually playing -- we were playing with Minjee Lee and some other -- with Su. She was playing at the time. So I don't know. It's just good memories to come back to Japan.

I just -- this is my favorite country other than Mexico. I love sushi, I love the food. I have my boyfriend here with me, which is huge for me, you know, having his support by my side. I know my family is happy as well at home. So, yeah, it's been great. We'll see what the unknown comes tomorrow.

Q. And last year you were in China, so is there any secret you play very well in Asia?
GABY LOPEZ: I do. I love Asia. Couple girls on tour, they figure that they like to stay in America, but I love Asia, love the Asian swing.

The golf courses I think maybe they're a little bit -- a little longer and maybe that just requires a little bit more ball hitting. But, still, it's a great challenge every time we come to Asia. Like I said, the greens here are tremendous. You're going to be really respectful. I think that's the key word. You got to respect every single putt that you hit. You got to respect the line, the speed, and if it falls in, great. Like just my last putt. I was not trying to make it. I was trying to hit a good stroke, and if it fell in, good.

Q. And also, it looks like you like three-day tournament.

Q. You play better. How is a 54-hole tournament different for you?
GABY LOPEZ: I do, I like it. I don't know. Actually, that's like a funny thing every time we play three-day events. I guess it requires a little bit more focus since the beginning. Like you got to put a low round since day one so you don't need to make up so many shots during the weekend.

Maybe, you know, the tighter it gets the better I need to play since the beginning. That makes me kind of trigger my focus.

Just, I don't know, be sharp since day one and be patient, because I know girls are -- I'm playing against the best players in the world. So, I mean, only thing I can do is control my mind, my emotions, and have a good attitude.

Q. Have you been to Kyoto?
GABY LOPEZ: I have, yes.

Q. When did you go?
GABY LOPEZ: I went Monday, Tuesday.

Q. Monday, Tuesday. (Laughter.)
GABY LOPEZ: And I was going today but just finished a little late. Maybe just rest today and I will definitely go tomorrow. I mean, no matter what happens tomorrow, I will go have dinner in Kyoto.

Q. What do you do in Kyoto Monday?
GABY LOPEZ: We went to Inari. Yeah, we went to the orange temples, shrine.

Q. Many shrines?
GABY LOPEZ: I went to Inari. I really want to go to the bamboo forest. Haven't been. Hopefully I can come many more years and not being able to make everything in one week. Save the best for the last.

Q. It's your birthday today?
GABY LOPEZ: Today is my birthday, yes.

Q. Happy birthday. So must feel good for you.
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, you know, having a birthday present with, you know, good couple of putts out there. I think maybe I just played a little bit more relaxed because I was happy to be able to do what I love. Playing on the LPGA, playing in Japan, my favorite country on my birthday, I mean, it couldn't get better than that.

And having my boyfriend and my caddie here, it just makes everything just much more special.

Q. Your boyfriend is your caddie?
GABY LOPEZ: No. My caddie an Alvaro Alonso, and, yeah, my boyfriend would never probably caddie for me.

Q. What is your boyfriend's name?
GABY LOPEZ: Santiago Carranza.

Q. Spell the last name?
GABY LOPEZ: It's S-a-n-t-i-a-g-o, and C-a-r-r-a-n-z-a.

Q. How old is he?
GABY LOPEZ: He's 27.

Q. Is he fiancee?
GABY LOPEZ: No. Not right now.

Q. Maybe not right now...
GABY LOPEZ: Maybe in the future, yes. But not right now. Yes.

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