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November 9, 2019

Jennifer Kupcho

Tokyo, Japan

Q. Super solid round of golf today. Zoysia grass. No, give us a little bit of insight what you're up against out there and if you've had much experience with it in the past?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I've played with it. I played the national in collegiate, so one of the tournaments that I won was definitely zoysia. Coming out here it's kind of normal. I've hit a couple really thick divots and it definitely hurts your wrist, so I learned to not hit it, take a divot.

Q. Can you give us a little bit of insight into your goals coming into this rookie year and how many you've maybe ticked off, runner-up at a major championship probably being one of them.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Actually, it wasn't one of them. I really just came in wanting to get into the Asia swing and obviously did that. From that, I wanted to get to CME and that's looking positive.

So, yeah.

Q. Now, you're one of just a couple rookies that managed to get onto the Asian swing. Give us some insight into your impressions of it so far going into the final week?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: It's crazy. It's kind of just a whirlwind. I came over here expecting to play four weeks easily and it's definitely not easy.

So learning that for next year, that is kind of what the season is all about.

Q. Yeah, it is. And it's a nice way to cap off the year being here in Japan. What your impressions as a country, and even the first tee. A little crazy down there.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: It's crazy. Actually, to relate this to Augusta, coming up to the first tee it was very loud. I was not expecting it. It's a little crazy, so...

Q. When you look back at kind of the year, can you give us some insight into some of the lessons you've learned? Rookie years are always tricky. Every week is a new venue. How have you gone about it?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I don't even know where to start. I've learned so many things from time management to really just simple things on the golf course in what to improve. It's all been learning, and I think I've learned a lot and ready to get started honestly next year.

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