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November 9, 2019

Shanshan Feng

Tokyo, Japan

Q. What a lovely day on the golf course. What was key for you out there breaking down the 18-hole layout today?
SHANSHAN FENG: I would say actually yesterday I played pretty well, too, especially for my putting on the front nine. I mean, I just couldn't make any putts. Then I think I made some adjustment and it worked.

So I think today what I improved putting was better so I didn't have any three-putts and didn't have any bogeys; five birdies.

I think overall was a good day.

Q. A lot of opportunities on this golf course come toward the end of the round with 17 and 18 being a real bonus. Do you have to stay patient throughout the round and remind yourself when you're getting on a roll?
SHANSHAN FENG: I would say that, you know, this year the greens have been a little softer so every hole is a birdie chance if your ball striking is good.

So I think I overall I think I did pretty well on te first two days, and hopefully the third round, tomorrow, I can have something going.

Q. The JLPGA was a big part of your tapestry. Five wins in 2011 and 2012. Can you tell us what playing over here is like?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, you know, as an Asian player, of course food is very important and having Asian food here every day.

And actually Japanese, they use our Chinese same characters so sometimes I can read. Like I might not be able to pronounce it, but I can read everything. So it makes me feel like I'm closer to home and feeling more comfortable over here.

And what I love about the Japanese tour is, you know, only three-day events. We don't have jet lag. They don't travel all over the world. They can go home two to three days every week, like from Sunday night to maybe Tuesday night or even Wednesday morning they leave home.

I think it's a very comfortable tour, and also they've got a lot of great players coming up, especially this year. A lot of the rookies are doing super well, so I'm expecting a lot of good Japanese players coming up.

Q. With it being a three-day event, is there an element of a sprint to it? How does that change the mentality, if at all?
SHANSHAN FENG: If it's only three days that means that you can't have really one day that is falling back a lot. Four days, I mean, maybe still have a chance with three good rounds and one bad round.

But for three-day events you have to keep it going every day. I love the Japanese courses. They're reasonable. Normally I think they're played a little bit shorter than what the LPGA does.

But I think it's just fine. I think it's not a distance challenge. I think it's about the game, about the management, course management, and about the short game and accuracy.

So I think what they -- how they set up the course is great.

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