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November 8, 2019

Patrick Reed

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 65 today for you. That's another very good day on the golf course. You must be pleased.
PATRICK REED: It was a steady, solid day. I missed two shorties on par 5s, which seemed to hurt, and I didn't quite give myself the opportunities that I wanted to the last five or six holes.

It's definitely something to build on, any time you shoot 7-under to start the round -- you say, hey, give you 7-under par and you have the chance of going out and playing or sign a 65, pretty sure I'd sign for a 65.

Q. What did you make of make with Robert McIntyre?
PATRICK REED: He played really well. It was awesome to see. I played with him yesterday. Yesterday was kind of a struggle for both of us, and see him kind of flip the switch today, especially on that back nine, shoot 29, was special. He hits it a long way. He hits it really straight and when you can do that, it makes the golf course a lot easier.

Q. Bogey-free 65 today, much better day than yesterday. How was that?
PATRICK REED: It was good. I felt like I eliminated some of the dumb mistakes I did yesterday. I felt like I hit the ball a little straighter. Didn't waste any golf shots like I did yesterday, no penalties.

Being able to play from the short grass or first cut, you're able to attack this golf course, especially early on with these fresh greens, I was able to get on the right side early and I was able to just kind of keep it going and make some towards the end.

Q. How helpful was it that the rest of the guys were playing so well?
PATRICK REED: It was great. Everyone was able to feed off each other. After playing the first nine holes, feeling like I played pretty solid, maybe left one or two out there and all of a sudden a guy in the group shoots 31 on the front and you go to the back and another player shoots 29 on the back. Seemed like all day we were able to feed off each other.

The easiest thing is you're always able to see good golf shots, and you see guys piping drives, hitting solid iron shots, making putts, it just makes the hole look a little easier for you, and you're able to feed off it and keep the birdies going.

Q. Getting away from Turkey for a second, you got a captain's pick in The Presidents Cup, what does it mean to get that?
PATRICK REED: It means so much to me. Representing our country and wearing red, white and blue is something I absolutely love and am so proud of. To be able to go out and get a pick, especially from Captain Woods, was amazing. The big thing, and what I always was preaching, as well as what he was telling all the guys is, hey, go out and play good golf. Playing well takes care of everything.

I was able to do that this last couple months. I was able to get on the right side and get the game in form and play the way I'm supposed to be playing, and because of that, I was lucky enough to be able to get a pick.

Now the big thing is now that I've got a pick is go out and try to earn points for Captain and go bring back the Cup.

Q. Where were you when you got the call?
PATRICK REED: I was in my hotel room, obviously. It was nice enough to hear before 3.00am in the morning and I was I believe to talk to Captain, and since I was over here playing, I was able to find out rather than the middle of the night.

It was awesome. Biggest thing is to go out and win points and play the best I can for the team and Captain and go out and bring home the Cup.

Q. You've been on teams in the past. What does it mean with Tiger being a playing captain, how much will that change things?
PATRICK REED: I think it's going to be awesome. It wouldn't be really a team event without having him there, especially with how he's been playing. Winning at Augusta and then going out and playing the way he did at ZoZo and to win there in Japan, you know, with the guy playing that well, we're happy to have him playing.

And on top of it, to have Tiger as your captain, it's going to be special. It's going to be fun. I know the biggest thing is just all of us need to stay focussed and pay attention to what we're doing on the golf course and go out and beat the guys you're playing, because at the end of the day, that's all that matters is getting points and having a chance to win.

Q. Are you going to put your hand up to play with him?
PATRICK REED: I'm going to let Captain decide who plays with who, and once we get there, decide on the golf course. If he calls my name and asks me to go play, of course. It's one of those things that we're going to pair ourselves up with who we think is the best for the team and the best for the golf course and for our matchups and go from there.

But you know, all I can do is whenever my name is called, go out and play the best golf I can. It was awesome news last night hearing from Captain Woods that I was able to get a spot on the team. I just can't wait to get over there and play with the team format again, and wearing the red, white and blue means so much to me and to be able to represent your country. To be able to get picked was special and now my job is to go out and win as many points as captain needs me.

Q. Did you feel it was the worst-kept secret in golf?
PATRICK REED: Definitely. It's one of those things that you don't really feel there's much pressure on you because you already know what's going on, but to have to wait and continue playing and everyone kind of asking, it seemed to always be on my mind rather than focusing as much as I needed to on golf.

But the good thing was, I was able to come out and do what I need to at the end of the year and that was to play solid golf to get my name up there and to continue improving and playing well, so I was able to be a pick again. I feel like I did that very well the past couple months, and now coming to finish off the year, hopefully continue that play and climbed board and win some golf tournaments.

Q. Has he shared with you what it's like for him to be a captain?
PATRICK REED: Not really. I can only imagine, and now being a captain, but it's going to be awesome having him on the team playing, especially after the way he's been playing, and on top of him being captain is pretty special.

The biggest thing is to go out and do our job and that's for all 12 of us to go out and win points and bring home the Cup for Captain.

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