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November 8, 2019

Ross Fisher

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 64, does this feel like the end of the year or the start of a new Ross Fisher?
ROSS FISHER: A bit of both. No, the game's been good for a while. Just for some reason, just haven't really shot the scores that I feel like the way I'm playing, I don't want to say "deserve," but yeah, it's not been as good as I feel like it should be.

So yeah, came here with, you know, high expectations because I finished off the last, what did I play -- I played eight out of the last nine weeks and missed one cut. I was playing nicely. Confidence was high.

Played solid yesterday. 3-under, no bogeys. Probably the worst it could have been. To go out today, eight birdies, no bogeys, quite a nice two days of clean cards.

Q. How strategic do you have to be on this golf course?
ROSS FISHER: Relatively. I mean, for me, there's quite a lot of drivers.

Q. No change there?
ROSS FISHER: No change there. But there's certain holes like 15, I know I can reach, but the penalties for not hitting it in the right spot, I feel outweigh the decision, so both days, I've laid up. Didn't make birdie yesterday but today knocked it to inside a foot, so I made birdie, so 6-iron and a wedge.

Like you say, there is strategic play in mind, but whenever possible, like 17, a lot of guys lay back, whereas I like hitting driver and take all the trouble out.

Yeah, everyone plays it differently, but that's the way I've played it, and 11-under, I'm pretty pleased.

Q. When you came here this week, what did you think would be a good week for you?
ROSS FISHER: Just wanted to play how I have been playing. Just finish the year off strong with a good performance to then have a nice break and come back out next years with the game where it is at the moment.

I still want to keep the game in shape. I know we're going to have time off over the Christmas period, but to get the opportunity to come and play here, I really enjoyed this golf course when we were here, what, four years ago.

For me, I felt like this one set up better than the other course we played. I was really excited to come back and thankfully the good form has carried on from Portugal and Italy, and you know, playing nicely and just hopefully two more good days and see where it puts me.

Q. Two more good days; it might be 2 million bucks.
ROSS FISHER: Be nice, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself at the moment. I'll let you think about that and I'll just think about that tomorrow.

Q. 65, how was that?
ROSS FISHER: It was nice, kept it going from yesterday. I didn't feel like I capitalised on some good golf and 3-under was decent. Today, felt like maybe saw some putts a little bit better. Rolled some nice putts in. Playing with Kurt who got off to such a hot start, it kind of boosted myself and Scott to kind of stay near him with a hot start like that.

Yeah, just hit some good shots off the tee. Some nice iron shots. Left myself realistic birdie chances and managed to take those. Played the par 5s nicely. All in all, it was a fantastic day.

Q. How would you rate the conditions out here; perfect?
ROSS FISHER: I mean, it's as perfect as they come. I would say the only place for me that came close to similar as this would be Palm Springs, California. Felt like I was playing indoors. I mean, there was barely any breeze and it was 85 degrees.

Here, again, there's barely any breeze and what, 26, 27 degrees. It's perfect. We always complain when it rains, so I can't see anyone complaining with the sun shining on our backs. It definitely loosens you up. You feel more free. You enjoy it more. It's just a great test of golf.

Q. You can now qualify for Sun City. How good is it to have that aim this week?
ROSS FISHER: It's nice, but at the same time trying not to think about it. Trying to putt in the back of my mind and that I'm here because of my invitation here. Just want to play golf. Treat it as this will be my last one because if I start thinking about other things, then it's going to affect me.

So just going to try to forget about it. Obviously it's great news for me and I'm thrilled and obviously I want to try and qualify because I love the Nedbank. I've never missed The Race to Dubai. And just trying to think how many years it's been going. Ten, 11 years, I don't think I've ever missed The Race to Dubai final.

I knew I had missed it obviously before. Now there's a slim chance of getting in there. Obviously I'd be delighted to try and get there, but I know it's going to be hard work. Like I say, just put it to the back of the mind, concentrate on this week and see where this week puts me for next week and the week after.

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