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November 7, 2019

Miomir Kecmanovic

Fiera Milano, Italy

M. KECMANOVIC/A. Davidovich Fokina

4-1, 4-1, 4-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The crowd has been really getting involved in all of your matches. Talk about getting into the semifinals.
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: Yeah, it's definitely nice to have that. It's definitely cool. You know, I'm happy that they enjoy what we are doing on the court. It's definitely given me a lot of more energy and motivation to push through.

I'm happy, you know, to win today and, you know, that I still get to be here.

Q. A lot of players have been saying off the court they have been having fun, getting to know players they maybe don't necessarily get to know throughout the year. Have you had that experience? Have you gotten to meet people you wouldn't normally have met?
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: Yeah, it's definitely fun to be here. It's a pretty cool event, you know, but I have known all the guys here, so we are all good friends. It's definitely a good group of guys.

Q. You've said that Novak kind of mentors you when you guys practice together when you are able to. Has he given you advice or tips that have helped you with your rise through the rankings?
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: Yeah, he's definitely given me a lot of tips that I was able to use. Some more helpful than others (smiling). But it's still so good to hear from him and to have him give some words of encouragement, too.

Q. What's been the key to your rise in the rankings this year?
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: I guess I would say my consistency. I was able to play consistent at a certain level, you know, be tough in the pressure moments, and I think that's definitely what got me here.

Q. Your next opponent will be Jannik Sinner. Have you seen him in the matches so far?
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: Yeah, I watched his matches. It's definitely going to be tough playing against everybody here in the crowd, but I have been playing good. I'm feeling good. You know, hopefully I can, you know, put a good performance in tomorrow.

Q. Did you expect him to be this far? When you started he was the last one in the ranking.
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: I mean, you know, everybody was top 100 in the tournament, so it usually doesn't matter if somebody is 8 or 2. Everybody plays good.

Everybody had a very good season. So I think when you look at that, it's just numbers, you know. It doesn't have to mean anything.

Q. You've had the crowd with you so far. Tomorrow would be the first time with the crowd being against you?
MIOMIR KECMANOVIC: Yeah, I definitely expect them to be for Jannik, but it's definitely not going to be the first time that a crowd was against me.

I have had some experience with it. I don't think it will affect me. I will just try to focus on my thing, and, you know, hopefully it will work.

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