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November 8, 2019

Ai Suzuki

Tokyo, Japan

Q. Winning last week and Itís seems like you are playing well this week again?
AI SUZUKI: Well, In the beginning of the round, playing with US LPGA Player, I was just trying to find out the pace of play. But toward the end, I was able to set my pace, settle down and played well today. I didnít set any score, just concentrated my mind to each shot.

Q. What happened to No.11 Bogie?
AI SUZUKI: My tee-shot, I drop it to the left side steep hill. Really bad lie, tried to bring it up to fairway. 3rd shot to the green. Miss the 7m (8 yards) par putt and bogeyed. Other than that good round with 6 birdies.

Q. Now you are top tie with Hannah Green -5?
AI SUZUKI: Is that true? It was little cold. Pin position was on the slope, so it was difficult for everyone. -5 under is not bad.

Q. Are you using same putter as last week?
AI SUZUKI: Yes. Struggled little in feeling at the beginning but was able to adjust that toward the end.

Q. Thinking about world ranking and prize money, how important this event for you?
AI SUZUKI: Before coming here I didnít think much. Yesterday I was surprised hearing the world ranking is high because top players are playing this week. So I thought it might be good chance to bring up my world ranking. Toward the end of this season hopefully to top 20. I am thinking little by little, but need to keep top ranking every week.

Q. How is your physical condition?
AI SUZUKI: Pretty good. Last week was better. Golf course is similar to last week. Greens are sloped. Speed of the green is little slower, I need to adjust that. What I need to do is to be calm and not to be too aggressive, because when I start thinking about birdie, golf gets hard.

When the chance came I was able to make that today.

Q. World ranking, how important for you?
AI SUZUKI: If I can get into Olympic, I like to. People around me, friends, sponsors is cheering me. When I was not playing this season, many people told me ďItís not fun to watch without Ai playingĒ so for them I like to play Olympic.

Q. Compare to JLPGA event, what is different this week?
AI SUZUKI: Well I am having hard time communicating. No one speaks Japanese. I wish I can speak English little better. If I can then it will be more fun. I learned a lot from my playing partner today. They aim well from the tee-shot. Always thinking where the pin position is.

Q. Winning two weeks in a low?
AI SUZUKI: Not tomorrow. Maybe Sunday back nine. I just concentrate to score 60s tomorrow.

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