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November 8, 2019

Hannah Green

Tokyo, Japan

Q. Congratulations. A lovely first round here, and it's your best round since the final round at Portland.
HANNAH GREEN: I actually had no idea. It just shows you that I haven't really been thinking about that too much.

Q. That was one of your wins this year, as well as the major championship. It's been a wonderful season for you. Backing it up with good round today. How much have you enjoyed playing in Japan where it's just so different?
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, definitely. I was in the second to last pairing today, which was really nice. I was really surprised how many people are out here so early, and especially on a Friday.

I'm sure this weekend we'll have a lot of supporters. Just really nice to get on to the tee box and they're clapping. Makes you smile and gives you a little confidence for when you're about to hit the tee shot.

Q. The fans arriving in suits. Very different from Australian fans.
HANNAH GREEN: Oh, absolutely. I think everyone would be having their thongs on in Australia in Adelaide.

Q. Today conditions chilly early on, but perfect weather for golf.
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, absolutely. I think I was lucky that I wasn't too early in a tee time so I didn't have too many layers to strip off during the round. Yeah, it was perfect. Not too windy. A little cooler in the shade, that's for sure.

Q. 54-hole tournament. What do you do mentally to prepare for this kind of event?
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, it's different. I think it's my first time actually playing a three-day tournament this year, which is unusual for my second to the last tournament of the year.

Yeah, not really going to treat it too differently. Just want make sure I'm on the top of the leaderboard. I'm really happy with how I'm playing and hope it continues.

Q. And enjoying what you're doing outside of the golf course. The food here is something else.
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, absolutely. It's definitely one of my favorite cuisines. I actually haven't had any sushi yet, so maybe I'll go for that tonight. Yeah, I just love the Japanese culture.

Q. (Through translation.) Great round. How do you feel?
HANNAH GREEN: Very happy. It's been a while since I've had a bogey-free round. Just very happy that I didn't have any bogeys and then I was like really consistent throughout the whole entire round.

Q. (Through translation.) What was so good today? Everything?
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah. (Laughter.) I was very consistent. I hit a couple bad drives, but I got lucky I think with where the positions were.

But when I did miss hit shots I think I left myself the best opportunity to make par; gave myself a lot of uphill putts, which I think is really important this week. Some pin positions can be pretty tricky and a two-putt above the hole can be very good.

I think that's what I did very well today. Hopefully I can continue that this weekend.

Q. (Through translation.) This was a fantastic year for you winning the first major for you.

Q. So it's coming to the end soon. How do you feel?
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, a very great year for me obviously having two wins and a major championship. I just wanted to make sure that during this Asia swing, even though there was no cut, that I didn't try and breeze my way through and just focus on finishing strong through the end of the year.

So now being in this position, definitely want to continue and hopefully have a win here and then just a strong finish at CME, which will be a nice way to finish and go to the off-season.

Q. This is not your first time to Japan, but maybe as a professional.
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah. Sorry, second time. I played the Queen's Cup in 2017 and (indiscernible) a couple times.

Q. (Through translation.) How do you like Japan, Japanese food?
HANNAH GREEN: I really love it. When I knew it was on the schedule it was definitely one of the events I wanted to get into and play. Really happy to be back. Yeah, been a couple of years, which is quite a long time for me, I guess.

But, yeah, I love the food and love the country, so really enjoying myself this week.

Q. What do you like most?
HANNAH GREEN: I think I really like ramen. I think that is my favorite food. And I think just how polite everyone is. Today we had no issues with the crowd. Sometimes that can be an issue, but everyone is so polite and knows what's going on.

They clap even if you hit a bad shot, so it's really lovely to be here.

Q. Is there any Japanese food that you specifically like?
HANNAH GREEN: I mean, I like all kinds. Sushi, ramen, anything. (Laughter.) Yeah.

Q. What went well today?
HANNAH GREEN: I think what I did really well today was leaving myself uphill putts, and I hit some shots really quite close today.

So gave myself good opportunities to make birdie, and then my par putts were very close, too.

Q. So is this the third time in here?
HANNAH GREEN: Fourth time to Japan, first here.

Q. How did you feel like on this course?
HANNAH GREEN: Yeah, I like it. I think it's definitely a ball striking golf course, but you have to position yourself well if you don't hit it so good.

Q. Everybody says you're good at putting. Do you have any long putt today?
HANNAH GREEN: Yes. My first birdie of the day on the par-5 5th or 6th hole, a ten meter putt.

Q. Before here you played last week in Taiwan with Hinako Shibuno. Did you talk anything about Japan?
HANNAH GREEN: We didn't talk too much because language barrier was hard, but she was very polite and always said, Good shot.

Q. (Through translation.) You communicate with Nasa Hataoka. Did you talk to her about the golf course?
HANNAH GREEN: No, not really. I haven't seen her in quite a long time. She hasn't played too many events this back end of the year. I did see her at the pro-am party, and then also we almost were going to go to Kyoto together, but I had to practice instead.

Q. So you didn't go to Kyoto?
HANNAH GREEN: No, I didn't. Maybe Sunday. Definitely Monday.

Q. Karrie Webb won this event in the past.
HANNAH GREEN: That's pretty cool. She's won many tournaments in her career, so I'm not surprised that she's won a tournament here.

I know she has a big following in Japan as well as sponsorship, so I think she's definitely helped me a lot in my career and I'm sure I'll message her over the next couple days.

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