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November 8, 2019

Lydia Ko

Tokyo, Japan

Q. Congratulations. I bet you just hope you can play the par-3s from now on, because how good were you around those today?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I think apart from hole 3, you know, I hit it well. The first par-3 I hit it to like a foot, so it was nice to have those tap ins.

But the other ones, I chipped in on one, and the other two I holed it really good, like 25 feet, kind of the length of the putt. So it was nice to have those under my belt.

I would say my ball striking wasn't very good the front nine. I chipped in twice on the front nine, and when you feel like things aren't going well and you get lucky in those kind of situations, you want to take advantage of that.

Q. Well you certainly did. It was a round with seven birdies. How is it playing in front of these Japanese crowds? They're something else, aren't they?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I played with Yui and Minami, and obviously Japanese fans are excited to see some of their top players playing well. So it's nice to play every year. I really enjoy it. I was saying earlier to Minami that the fans are really passionate. They love seeing us play and they love women's golf.

So it's great to play in front of a crowd that's so welcoming and super supportive. I love it, and hopefully the crowds will keep building on the weekend.

Q. I think there is no doubt about that. They came in early this morning. (Regarding ball marker.)
LYDIA KO: Yeah, it's got my nickname, I guess, LydsKo on it, and a little tiny cute bear. Looks sad. The mouth is kind of worn off.

Blue is my favorite color and it's a company called G-Med in Korea, and they've been very nice and they've sent me some of these cool markers.

Lucky enough I have a variety of them, so if I'm not putting well I'll switch them over. It's a rotation. But I putted well on the weekend in Taiwan, so I was like might as well continue using them.

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