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November 7, 2019

Hinako Shibuno

Tokyo, Japan

Q. How are you feeling?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Pretty good feeling, Yesterday and Today.

Q. Anything special you learned in Taiwan last week?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: I felt I need to work on short games. I worked on that today. Especially on greens like this course. If I miss the green, I need to hit lob shot, so I practiced on that. Actually, something continued from Taiwan. Trying to figure out how much back swing and follow through is necessary for certain distance.

Q. After winning the British Open, you had chance to play with US players, anything changed?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: I had good experience. I found out that I need higher technique. Like approach shot, I did not have much variety, but like lob shot. I need that kind of shots to score in U.S. LPGA Tournament.

Q. So how is your lob shot?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Not perfect yet. I need some experience during the tournament and more practice. It is like just started but I am sure itís getting better. When I was playing Konica Minolta, I was short to the green. But I learned that I have to put it on the green, rather long than short. That I learned.

Q. How is your putting?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Greens here is sloped so I need to hit approach shots below the holes.

I feel like I can aim green better than last week.

Q. What will be winning score?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Good weather, Green is rolling well, Rough is not so high. I think about same as last year. Maybe -14.

Q. Temperature is getting lower in the morning and evening?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Today was OK. I expected high temperature today. But I heard tomorrow will be lower, so I have to figure out what to wear.

Q. What makes difficult when weather and temperature changes?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Yes. Hot and Cold will influence golf always.

Q. With less wind this week? Is it easier?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: I had hard time last week. With less wind I donít have to think in choosing clubs.

Q. What will be the key to score this week?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Even I hit the ball into the rough I think the ball will stop, so second shots will the key.

Q. First round pairing?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: I look forward to playing with Lexi Thompson. She hits the ball long, so I like to see how far away from my ball. So Yeon Ryu showed me great shots around the green during Japan Ladies Open Championship. I like to learn from both players. I hope to play well and play with good players even after 2nd round.

Q. JLPGA Championship and Ladies Open Championship, what kind of difference you felt compare to Hataoka?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Definitely, Shots and putts inside 100yards. I need more time to accomplish that. Hopefully this off season. I need to improve shots inside 100 yards.

Q. Thinking about few events left this season?
HINAKO SHIBUNO: Every event is important. But the field is limited this week, and the World golf ranking is high. I wish I play well and end up in good position.

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