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November 7, 2019

David Lipsky

Antalya, Turkey

Q. How good does 66 feel out there?
DAVID LIPSKY: Really good. It's the lowest round I've shot in a while and to go out there and play as solidly as I did gives me a lot of confidence going forward.

Q. Describe your year so far?
DAVID LIPSKY: It's been up-and-down. I played really well in spots. Played really poorly in spots. I missed five, six, seven putts in a row or something like that. It's been up-and-down but I feel like the game's turning around and getting a bit of consistency back and look forward to the last three events.

Q. How big an opportunity are the last three events?
DAVID LIPSKY: Huge, especially with the winner's take in these events. A good week any of the three weeks and you move into the Top-10 most likely. That's my goal, try to put myself in contention and see what happens.

Q. If you won this week, what do you think $2 million into the back pocket would feel like?
DAVID LIPSKY: It would feel great. I live in Vegas, so I think I can think of something to do with that.

Q. Not gamble it, obviously. You're American. The Presidents Cup U.S. Team is about to be announced in a few hours' time. You're Tiger Woods. Do you pick yourself? Do you not pick yourself?
DAVID LIPSKY: I think you have to. I mean, he's been playing great, and he deserves it. So why not?

Q. How much would you like to play on the Presidents Cup team?
DAVID LIPSKY: Any type of team event where I can play for the U.S. would be amazing, and The Presidents Cup is obviously one of the biggest events in the world, so that would be amazing for me to play in some day, and hopefully I'll get there.

Q. Tiger Woods a hero of yours?
DAVID LIPSKY: Oh, yeah, growing up in southern California, I played the Southern California PGA events and his records are everywhere out there. He was definitely an idol of mine growing up.

Q. Very quick start out there for 66. How was it?
DAVID LIPSKY: It was great today. Putter is feeling really good today. Made a few putts on the back nine, my front nine, and I kept on hitting fairways and gave myself a lot of opportunities.

Q. What happened on 16?
DAVID LIPSKY: I just hit a terrible shot. It happens. I bounced back pretty well when I made the turn and played solidly coming in.

Q. Low scoring, yourself at 6 and Tom at 7. Must be good out there?
DAVID LIPSKY: Yeah, greens are relatively soft and no wind. Everyone out here is pretty good, so give us those conditions, we're going to shoot some low scores.

Q. Bit of an up-and-down season but looking to finish off with a good one?
DAVID LIPSKY: Yeah, game feels really good right now, so I'm really looking forward to these last few events.

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