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November 7, 2019

Alex Noren

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Opening round of 66, 6-under par. What pleased you most approximate b your play?
ALEX NOREN: It was all around good today. I hit it good off the tee, especially after hole No. 3, 4, onwards, I played really well. You know, got a lot out of my driver, which helped on the back, and especially on two par 5s, and then the par 4 where you can reach it. Just felt like an easier round than a lot of other rounds this year.

Q. You were in Bermuda last week playing on the PGA TOUR. Tell us about the time change, the travel from there to here. Where your body clock?
ALEX NOREN: It's not as far as you think. It's six hours, and it was just tough to get on the right flight to get to here, but we managed that. It's fine. You just take some pills at night, sleep good, and then now I'm into it.

Q. Race to Dubai, you need to move forward to make the Nedbank and the DP World. Does it help having a definite focus?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it helps. The focus is there, definitely, and I think my game has gotten a lot better the last few months. I'm just trying to kind of put all the parts of the game together, which I did today. Like Bermuda last week, I played pretty good tee-to-green, and then try to sharpen up the short game and the putting. Today was better, yeah.

Q. How was the start today?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it's nice. I kind off not perfect maybe the first few holes, but then from 4 onwards, I played maybe the best I've played this year. So I'm really happy with the start, yeah.

Q. 65th coming in on The Race to Dubai. How do you assess your season?
ALEX NOREN: Well, a slow season. I haven't played that many events, and then I played a lot more after summer. I haven't played good enough, so I need a few more points to get closer to the top.

Q. Anything you'll go and practice?
ALEX NOREN: Just going to go do some short game, just a little bit just to stay sharp, and then rest and hang out with my kids that I haven't seen much lately.

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