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November 7, 2019

Danny Willett

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 67, give us your verdict on that one.
DANNY WILLETT: It was all right. A couple of scrappy ones in there. Played really clever of golf, I would have said. There's still holes that you can attack. A couple of nice shots in there. A couple of dodgy ones. All in all, never really got ourselves in too much trouble. Gave ourselves a look at birdie. But really solid day.

Q. Define "clever golf" for me. What do you mean by that?
DANNY WILLETT: Just when you're out of position, you're looking where the flags are. You're not trying to do anything too silly, because you have a nice score going. One thing you know, when the scoring is low out here, a couple of soft bogeys can annoy you more than anything.

We've had a couple where we've been just slightly out of position and instead of doing anything daft, we've just kind of taken it on the chin and you trust that from 30 feet you're going to roll it up close and tap-in for a par, instead of trying to do anything too silly to get it too close to the flag.

I think we have taken on the right things and then when we have not quite had the correct number in there, we've given ourselves a little bit more margin. Just kind of eases you through your day.

Q. You said you had been struggling with your game, and not firing on all cylinders, but your team had really helped you. How did they help you?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, first 20 holes last week we played lovely, and then yeah, don't know, just it was a bizarre last kind of 52 holes where just nothing kind of went our way. Then because of that, you then try and force it, and when you try and force it, it's even worse, and it's really strange and then you get in your own head about things are not quite as good as what it should be and this and this.

Yeah, FaceTimed Foles a good bit last week in China, and this week flew Kev out for some movement stuff and he said a couple of bits in there weren't as good as they have been. Obviously we're flying a lot. We've been to Korea, China and here, so it's a good bit of flying.

Then brought in John from America, from New York, when I text him on Sunday and got in Monday. Yeah, it's nice when you know there's only a couple of tournaments left, and we want a strong finish to the year.

We've had a really nice year with how things have gone, so it would be nice to finish strongly. For the guys to rally around and make the effort to come out, it means a lot.

Q. A lovely bogey-free 67 out there. How was that?
DANNY WILLETT: It was nice. Like I said before, it's clever golf, really. We were out of position a couple of times and didn't do anything too daft and took our chances, really clinical. Looking at the scoring, yeah, there's a couple of guys that are at 7, but for the most part we put ourselves in a nice position with three rounds left.

Q. Third-last in China, what's been the difference so far this week?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, last week we struggled. Korea we struggled a little bit with the turf and crosswind, stuff like that. I wasn't quite trusting the movements as much. I was trying to hit certain shots when actually if you make your moves, you know, the good shots will come, and I think I got a little bit engrossed in some stuff that I probably shouldn't have.

I had a real good reset and had a good chat with Foles, and Kev flew out and John flew out and did some nice work to knuckle down and tried to get the moves bedded in going forward.

Q. Considering where we are in the season, Rolex Series Event, it seems very relaxed. How is it from the players' point of view?
DANNY WILLETT: It's a great week, family week. Hotel is 200 yards away. It's fantastic. The weather as it is; the golf course is pretty scorable, so it's good fun. I don't think you'll see loads of guys out there grinding too much afterwards. It's a brilliant way to finish the year, these last three events on The European Tour, here, Sun City and Dubai are all amazing events.

Yeah, it's nice to come here. We've got the family here, and you kind of take it for what it is. We are trying to get some work done because we are in a position, we have a strong finish, we can have a good Race to Dubai position at the end of the year.

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