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November 7, 2019

Justin Rose

Antalya, Turkey

Q. An opening round of 67. Give us your thoughts on that one?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I guess job done. The hot finish was exactly what we needed. I was aware of the leaderboard. Obviously it was a perfect day to play golf as it normally is here in Turkey and I could see the lads got in low.

Our group was having some frustrations, just trying to make the birdies, certainly make the putts. As the sun got low, you could kind of see what you're facing and it's difficult to sort of trust your reads coming in. I managed to wiggle in there the last few holes, so delighted with the score, really, more than anything.

Q. What is the mind-set when you're not at your brilliant best and you want to shoot a good score on a course that demands a good score?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, it's a hundred percent improvement from yesterday. I was happy -- actually I felt like I got off to a good start today and I felt positive that I was actually swinging the club much better, and I did make some good moves on it.

I feel like I'm not exactly where I need to be, but it's important -- you don't always have to be. I did a good job switching from range to scoring today, and that's what you've got to do.

Q. Wanted to ask you about the Telegraph Junior Golf Championship you won in 1997, and you're sponsoring it this year and throwing yourself into it. Tell us about that decision and why you wanted to do it.
JUSTIN ROSE: When there's a corporate sponsor behind it, I don't think that really engages with the kids. It doesn't resonate with them at all. So I felt like if I could put my name behind it, hopefully we can get more kids getting inspired to play.

For me it was a wonderful memory for sure. It was one of the first times I travelled outside of the U.K. to play golf and compete, and those memories obviously lasted with me forever and I still have the trophy, actually, at home. It's definitely been part of my journey, and just trying to give back a little bit. I've lived in America for a long time and the Bahamas, but I'm keenly aware that I want to give back to golf back home in the U.K.

Q. 5-under, how was that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was a good 5-under. Birdied the last three holes to make what was an okay day into a good day. I played really poorly in the Pro-Am yesterday and fighting the game a little bit, just trying to simplify things today and did a good job of that. I flipped the switch today and played golf today rather than golf swing.

Yeah, the hot finish puts me in a great spot just to build on into tomorrow.

Q. Talk about the highs and lows of 10, 11, 12.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, two bogeys today, obviously 10 and 12, sandwiched it want eagle at 11. Netted out, I suppose, with the short game. I felt like both -- No. 10 was quite a tricky up-and-down but one I felt I should have made, and then I felt 12 was actually a relatively simple up-and-down, but could have, should have made. Then when you chip-in in between the two of them, it all comes out in the wash.

So being even par through those holes was probably about right but you're always looking for a bit better than average.

Q. Birdie, birdie finish. Talk about the shot on 17 through the trees and what a great shot that was.
JUSTIN ROSE: I was able to make a putt at 16, first and foremost. I changed my mind-set. The greens were bumpy and when the sun got low, it wasn't really confidence-inspiring, so I sort of changed my mind-set to just not expecting the ball to go in and just trying to free up my stroke because of that, and I did, I ran the ball better at the hole the last few holes.

17, kind of caught a break off the tee where I had enough of an angle, but I had to just sort of control my flight, really, and over the first tree, under the next tree. It was one of those sort of shots and judged it perfectly, exactly as Lordy and I drew it up, try to pitch it up to the top of the upslope, trying to roll the ball up to the pin and that's exactly what happened. Always nice to make a 6-footer off the back of a shot like that.

Q. Overall, you must be very happy with your position?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I'm happy. Good score today. Something I can build on. Give the game six out of ten today. 67 is a better score than six out of ten, so I feel like I've done a good day's work.

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