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November 6, 2019

Casper Ruud

Fiera Milano, Italy

C. RUUD/A. Davidovich Fokina

3-4, 4-3, 4-2, 3-4, 4-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. If you can just talk a little bit about your opponent. It looked like his injury was very serious at one point, and he started hitting winners out of nowhere. How were you able to break through mentally when that kind of a situation happens?
CASPER RUUD: Yeah, you know, it was difficult, because I was up 30-Love in the game, and I felt like I was in a good mood and playing well the last couple of games. It was kind of a long break, because he was down for some time, and then he took the three minutes.

I mean, I felt sorry for him that he fell and it looked really bad. I almost thought it could be over at any point. It looked extremely bad at a certain point. Then he came back and played some unbelievable points.

It was tough, because you didn't really expect that. When he start moving as good as he usually does, he started going for some high-risk shots and he made them. So it's a little frustrating for me that they go in when you feel like they (indiscernible) at some point.

It's tough, but I think actually I got the third set, I broke him at 3-2, and that was a key set to win, I think. Fourth set we both played pretty well, and he continued to play really well.

The fifth set I think I wore him out a little. I tried to get many balls back, and then he did some mistakes here and there that made me win the match.

Q. You talk about the fourth set, that he played very well to force the fifth set. You were able to break the first game. That was a crucial point? That was the main difference? Because at that point you were able to keep that break and break him again in the last game?
CASPER RUUD: Yes, definitely. You know, it was a nice start to break him, to have the 1-0 already. And with the serve, I played with a good service game to 2-0.

At 3-1, I just, you know, tried to make every single ball and make him play and make him work for every point.

You know, I was able to break him twice, which was a good feeling, good way to end the match. I'm lucky it went my way this time, because the sets here are short and there are only a couple of points here and there that can decide the set.

I tried to stay very focused. I got the set and I got the two breaks, and of course happy to win the last set with 4-1.

Q. Compared to yesterday, were you more comfortable on the court, the conditions, the format itself?
CASPER RUUD: Yeah, maybe a little bit. Yesterday, me and Kecmanovic were the first guys that played, and everything was new for everyone. We played a practice match the day before to kind of get used to all the new stuff.

You know, it's still a little bit different when you play a match. Yesterday I felt like I played a good match. Also, I felt like Miomir played a high level of match. It was a little bit unlucky at certain points, especially in the second set. I only got broken once in the match and still I lost the match in three straight sets.

So it was a very close match yesterday, and I just tried to keep the good tennis from yesterday into today. I used my chances better today, and I was lucky to win the match.

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