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November 7, 2019

Nasa Hataoka

Shiga, Japan

Q. Can you tell us your memory from last year?
NASA HATAOKA: I was able to win last year. I was very happy to win here in my home country.

Q. How important winning in your home country?
NASA HATAOKA: I play mainly in the U.S., so I donít have much chance playing in Japan. Competing with LPGA members in this tournament and winning was honor. At the same time by winning, I was able to show Japanese fans that I am improved my golf.

Q. Last week you told us your physical condition is not good.
NASA HATAOKA: Yes I am not completely recovered, but getting better now so I decided to play this week.

Q. Winning last year, you must have good memories. Did you find some playing practice round today?
NASA HATAOKA: Greens are difficult here. Especially few holes, that if you are above the hole, you will have very fast put coming down. I must be careful with that. I made few mistakes last year, so I make sure not to do it again this year

Q. When you are sick you did not play golf, back to golf course how are you playing?
NASA HATAOKA: Yes, I must rest for 2 weeks. My swing rhythm and feel have been changed.

Q. Is that for whole 2 weeks?
NASA HATAOKA: Actually for the first week, second week I just swing the club (not hitting balls) and putting.

Q. Is it rare that you do not hit ball during tour season?
NASA HATAOKA: Yes, it is rare.

Q. What was cause?
NASA HATAOKA: It was like maybe food poison, stomach ache. Then runny nose, sore throat. Came back home and took a rest from Monday for 3 days. But I was still sick, so I decided not to play Taiwan.

Q. Spend most of my time home in a bed. Watched Zozo Championship on TV.
NASA HATAOKA: I was planning to visit Zozo on Thursday but I couldnít. So many good players were there, Tiger Woods winning was so great. Matsuyama-san was second. It was so nice to see player from own country playing well. I wanted to visit because by watching, I think I can improve my swing and image.

Q. When you play in Japan you always play well and winning percentage is high?
NASA HATAOKA: Playing means to try to win the tournament. But being sick I feel little difficulty. I must see my condition every day. Try not too aggressive. I have to be careful not to make silly mistake.

Q. Playing 3 day events this week?
NASA HATAOKA: When I started playing in the U.S., I felt 4 days was long. But now playing 3 days event, I feel like I wanted to play one more day. Now I feel 3 days is short.

For 3 days event I have to start good and have to keep up the pace until the end.

Q. What will be a key this week?
NASA HATAOKA: No.3 No.13 and No.17 Green. Greens with slopes. I have to be careful with that.

Q. Your aim was to win 3 events in US. Only 2 left?
NASA HATAOKA: I still have chance, so I like to be positive.

Q. Last year you mentioned before the event your condition was not good?
NASA HATAOKA: Well you never know, when you are healthy and playing good, you become too aggressive. So sometimes you turn in good score, when you are cautious.

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