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November 6, 2019

Mikael Ymer

Fiera Milano, Italy

M. YMER/U. Humbert

4-3, 1-4, 4-2, 4-1

Q. I guess talk about the atmosphere. You said in the postmatch interview you were a little nervous coming out just because of the size of the stadium, so how did you adjust and kind of settle in?
MIKAEL YMER: (Answer off microphone.)

Q. You mentioned yesterday you're going to be working in the offseason with Stefan Edberg. How did that come about?
MIKAEL YMER: I think that was a little bit, it was mis --

Q. Misinterpreted?
MIKAEL YMER: Exactly, what I said. He was next court when I played in Stockholm. We have talked about it before. We just never had the chance to make it happen. But we were talking after my match.

Of course he's one of my biggest idols. I said that I would love to come in the preseason if we both have the time. He said, you know, You're welcome any time.

It's nothing confirmed.

Q. Nothing confirmed?
MIKAEL YMER: Nothing confirmed. But hopefully we will very soon, because I think it would benefit very much, considering I'm also working on my offense. Also of course there is other things, but there is no one else to learn volleys as good as you can from Stefan.

So I'm very, very looking forward to it. I'm going to give him a call very soon.

Q. What's your relationship like with him? Have you guys met before? Has he ever offered any advice or mentored?
MIKAEL YMER: I remember when I was very young I went and played an exhibition match, I think, at his club. He has a very beautiful club where he lives.

But besides that, for me, I would say, out of all the athletes that I met, Stefan, for me, is the cool, like, the best, the coolest. And, you know, the way he carries himself and how humble he is after being one of the biggest legends is, for me, inspiring.

And there is, since I was a kid, still today, you know, I have seen him, he treats everyone the same and he's always been so, so nice to not only me but to my family. So for me, Stefan is someone I really look up to, and I think not only me but a lot of people. Maybe everyone can learn a lot from Stefan.

Q. You don't really worry about the pressure of being the top player in Sweden? You run your own race. But you said one of the benefits is you've gotten to meet Edberg and gotten to meet Borg and all these legends of Swedish tennis. What does it mean to know that people of that level are supporting you and wanting you to do well?
MIKAEL YMER: Yeah, like you said, besides Stefan, I haven't really had the chance to speak a lot to the other ones. I would have loved to. Just haven't had the chance.

Yeah, I mean, for me, it's inspiring, and it gives me energy. And it's more in the way instead of feeling pressure, I'm more, okay, you know, like, if they can make it out of Sweden, we can too. I know it's going to take a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices.

But besides that, it's just -- it's energy. I'm happy. It's great. It's great for tennis how we've had legends. And now, all the young kids and young generation in Sweden, let's try to do our best without comparing, because I think it would be very, very silly and it's too far looking ahead to compare to someone.

Like you said, he's one of the biggest legends to ever do it. These don't grow on trees. It's nothing I would compare to. And to do what they have done is just something to dream about.

I just see it as let me learn, let me do my best, and if I can get even 10% of what they have achieved, you know, I would be happy. I will keep striving to do my best.

Q. The last thing, challengers this year, you have won four titles, really great success. How has the time in the challengers prepared you for most likely playing full-time on the ATP Tour next year?
MIKAEL YMER: I think what's good to win this year is that I got to play a lot of matches. I mean, sometimes I had the chance to play ATPs instead, but really in private I really wanted to make sure, okay, let's make sure that I can compete at this level. Not just one week but back to back, over and over.

And even with this done, I think challengers, so tough. Even if I were to play next year, I think it's very -- because everyone fights so hard because they want to get up to ATP. Nothing anyway I'm saying I'm done with it or I can do it now, but I think I really showed this year that for the moment I can compete.

So now I feel ready. I will be very humble and very patient with ATP Tour. Like you said, I'm very excited to play a little bit more frequently in ATP events, but I don't expect too much in the beginning.

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