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November 5, 2019

Martin Kaymer

Antalya, Turkey

Q. A lovely place to be here in November in Turkey. How are you finding it so far?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, so far so good. It's one of those places, a lot of Germans, they come here for vacation, watch some golf, play some golf themselves.

I came here I think every year since the tournament is on. It's nice, especially that time of year. Being in Germany last week, seeing the weather there, the practice facilities, it's nice to come out here and enjoy the great golf courses that they have around here.

Q. Good result last year, tied fifth, different course, but you must take some good feelings from last year?
MARTIN KAYMER: In general, yeah, I really like the play. Not only the hotel, the golf course, the whole atmosphere. It's a big event now. I used to play well here in the past last year. As you mentioned, it was a different golf course, but it was a top five finish.

Got me into a good position for the last, two, three events that we played, and that is the goal this year again for this week, to get into next week and maybe if I have a couple good weeks, then I may be can make it even to Dubai.

Q. Coming in with a bit of form, how is the game feeling?
MARTIN KAYMER: The game is feeling fine. I feel fairly calm on the golf course. I really enjoy that whole process that I'm going through right now, focusing on the right things. Not being distracted too much by stuff that doesn't really matter.

Yeah, it's one of those weeks that I look forward to every year to get here. Sometimes it's a bit underrated. It does still mean that you had a decent season. That's all you can do this week. Try to do your best and stick to that form.

Q. Could you tell us about this course? What's key out here and any key holes you can think of?
MARTIN KAYMER: Honestly, it's been too long. We've been playing so many golf courses the last few years, and we haven't played this since 2015 or so, so I can't really remember a lot about the golf course.

I know it was never easy to hit the fairways, and once you miss the fairways, the rough is a bit bermuda and bentgrass mixed. So it's a bit tricky to really estimate where the ball is going and how far it will go. I think the key is to hit fairways.

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