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November 5, 2019

Thomas Detry

Antalya, Turkey

Q. How much are you looking forward to this week?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, very much. Just taken two weeks off, so I feel fresh and ready to play well. Got good memories from here last year. Finished third. Yeah, it's the start of a good stretch of golf and hopefully we'll make the best out of this week.

Q. What have you been doing those couple of weeks off?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, I've actually been resting the first week, really not doing much. Just seeing friends and been working out but not that much. Last week picked up clubs again. The weather unfortunately is not that good at home, but very happy to see some sun again.

Q. Last year, tied third. Tell us your memories of last year.
THOMAS DETRY: Unbelievable. I was playing well the whole week. I think it was on Sunday afternoon, I made five birdies in a row and pushed me from 15-spot to tied for third. It was amazing. The golf course was amazing. The weather is fantastic. It's a beautiful place. You have everything you need, practice facilities, hotels and good golf courses.

I played nine holes yesterday. The course is beautiful, really good. Played here a long time ago when I was practicing. I came down here with the Belgian federations practicing, and I've had a faint memory of a few holes, but it will be good to play today to refresh my mind.

Q. Currently standing 66th on The Race to Dubai. How do you keep that out of your mind?
THOMAS DETRY: I've been very steady this year, so it's a big event, a lot of points on the board. So I've just got to play my game. Got to stay patient. I've just finished Top-10 in France two weeks ago, so I'm confident and yeah, just got to play my own game and I'm sure if I stay patient and stay focused, good results will come.

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