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October 29, 2019

Corentin Moutet

Paris, France

C. MOUTET/D. Lajovic

6-4, 1-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. I guess you're very satisfied with this first round, this first win in a Masters 1000?
CORENTIN MOUTET: Yes, I'm very satisfied. Then the show must go on.

The fact that I already was on court today was a wonderful thing because I had lost initially. I tried to regain focus for this tournament, and I'm glad that I managed to get the upper hand and to continue on that path.

Q. What happened in your mind actually? Because you had lost and then you became a lucky loser. What happened in your mind?
CORENTIN MOUTET: Well, a day passed in between. I knew I could be a lucky loser. I was number three, so three people need to retire. I knew I could still be a lucky loser and that was the case today.

I wasn't really -- my mind was not completely off the tournament. I was waiting until Wednesday to make sure that there was no empty seat for me.

Q. You're without a coach now. How do you feel being without a coach?
CORENTIN MOUTET: It's not pleasant to be without a coach. Seldom do we see that on the tour. It's not a good thing. In the short run, it could be okay, but, in the long-run, I need to have a coach to continue working to have a sound team working alongside with me.

I have no choice right now. I tried to do my best, but it's not easy. I'll try to find a coach as soon as possible.

Q. Even if the tournament is not over yet, how would you qualify your season?
CORENTIN MOUTET: Well, I don't know. I don't know what to say. There were good moments. There was a first win in Grand Slam. There were new things. I played good players. I had ups and downs. It was a wide array of new experiences. I've learnt a lot this year, but the year is not over yet.

I managed to taste new things, to discover new things that I had never discovered before. And I'll try to capitalize on these new experiences to play better, to be a better person and a better player. And I think this should be the lesson to be drawn from this year.

Q. Next round is Novak Djokovic, what a challenge. The fact that you played today on the central court, do you think that it will help you for tomorrow?
CORENTIN MOUTET: Well, yes, for the surface already. I didn't expect to play on the central court today. I was surprised. I was very excited, very happy to play on this court. Before, I would be there as a fan, as a member of the public. Tomorrow, I will be playing there with new things coming up.

There will be a huge crowd. Of course most of the crowd will not be cheering me. Circumstances will be different. I will have to make do.

Q. I am sure that you have seen Novak play many times on TV, on court. What is most striking in his game according to you?
CORENTIN MOUTET: I don't know really. I haven't seen him play a thousand times. I don't watch tennis that much. I will definitely do so tonight.

What could be impressive? Well, I don't want to say that I'm impressed by him or any other player. But I have a lot of respect for his career because he's been No. 1 for many years.

He's won a lot of Grand Slams. He's managed to find his bearings and his place among the best. He is the best player in the world. He's No. 1 right now. He's very consistent. He often wins in tournaments.

I will try not to be unworthy and to be better than him.

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