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October 29, 2019

Jeremy Chardy

Paris, France

J. CHARDY/D. Medvedev

4-6, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Among all your victories, where does this one rank?
JEREMY CHARDY: I don't really know, but it's a beautiful victory. When you play a match like this on the central court in France and you win it, it's a wonderful feeling. All the efforts that are deployed every day are aimed at achieving a goal like this one.

It's great, and I'm going to enjoy it tonight.

Q. You have played four matches in four days. How do you feel? Did it help to do the quallies or are you tired?
JEREMY CHARDY: Well, it's always the same. Of course you get tired, but you also build up confidence with one match after another and you get into some rhythm. And this helped me, actually. I should play every day maybe (smiling). I don't know.

Q. It seemed that you were more level-headed today. Are you working on it or no?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yes. Since we've started with Cedric, my coach, we've been working a lot on this. Today, it's a great reward because we've spent a lot of time on court to try to have a more solid game and to have better control.

And this was a showcase of all this work because I could vary my speeds, my heights, my game tactics, and this bothered him, and I felt more and more confident throughout the match.

Then it was hard because he had a lot of break points. I played them well. He didn't hold them. He felt peeved by that, and then I felt more and more confident.

The public helped me very much. Generally, I don't whip up the crowd. But since the beginning of the match, I really felt that they really wanted me to win and they were supporting me. It was a wonderful feeling on court. It boosted me.

And I was saying, we're very lucky in France. Apart from Federer or Nadal where the crowd can be more unbiased, the crowd is always a partisan crowd in favor of the French nationals, and it's a great feeling.

Q. You were talking about break points. You have saved a lot of them, 15 of them, if I'm not mistaken. What were you telling yourself to continue on that path?
JEREMY CHARDY: Throughout the match, I had my tactic in my head, and I remained focused on my tactic, on my strategy. I never strayed away from it. This is why I won, according to me.

When you play players like that, that are of such a high level, you need to have a perfect game level. And all my break points, I played them well, so it's frustrating when you're the opponent. This has happened to me the other way round, and it was great to be on the right side of the court this time.

It's the last tournament of the year. I had been playing well for some tournaments now. I did great matches, but I also lost in thrilling matches, and it's wonderful to finish up like this.

Q. You were talking about game strategy. So he's a very solid player. You played on his forehand very much. Did you do it on purpose? Maybe you know him very well?
JEREMY CHARDY: It's also my strongest asset to have a cross-court forehand. What I did well was also that I changed speeds and heights, and this was a good bet. Because pacing up and down is difficult, and this is what has bothered him most.

And then, you know, the match unrolled the way it did. It turned out well for me, and I'm delighted.

Q. You are about to become a father. Does it change a lot of things in your way to apprehend and anticipate matches? Isn't there too much emotion?
JEREMY CHARDY: What is sure is that the baby already has emotions. Susan, every time she is watching my matches, she's living it as if she were on court, so the baby is living the match as well.

I'm very happy outside of the court and one can feel it on the court. It's easier to fight on court and you play better. I'm very happy that we are about to have a family.

I'm also playing for my family. It's an additional source of motivation. And I will continue to play well so that my son or my daughter can see me later.

Q. (Off microphone.)
JEREMY CHARDY: You need to make a joke every day, huh? I'm going to ask for a contract. (Laughter.)

Q. Wasn't there a little bit of frustration after the first set? Maybe the success came because you needed to get back on an equal footing?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yes. As you said, his shots were really bothering me. I was often late and I missed his balls. And I managed to fine tune myself afterwards. Even if I kept focused, I could feel that he was playing better.

This is why when I lost the first set, I wasn't completely overwhelmed. I knew that there were things that I could do to change the trend of the match. And then, during the second set, I managed to get the upper hand and to reverse the trend of the match.

Q. To go back to your performance, it's the 12th top 10. Is this performance better than when you faced Roger Federer when you saved a match point?
JEREMY CHARDY: I really liked my victory today because, as we said earlier, what I have accomplished today is that I was level-headed. There were moments where I played very good, very well, and sometimes where I made a lot of mistakes and errors.

But I always strive to improve my game, and this is why I continue to practice and to play.

Tonight I'm very happy because I had managed to deploy my best tennis. I had winners, but I didn't do outstanding shots either. I managed to be consistent throughout the game, and this is why I had success.

Q. Can you play John Isner? He's just become a father, actually.
JEREMY CHARDY: I will certainly buy some baby nappies from him. (Smiling.)

Q. You said on Sunday that you would make a break when the baby comes. So can you understand that John Isner crossed the Atlantic to play here? It's his second child.
JEREMY CHARDY: Is it difficult? Is it different when it's your second child? I do not have your experience.

We're all different, you know. We have to see how we feel. If he wanted to come here and play, it's a decision he made with his wife. I hope he made the decision with his wife. (Laughing.) Otherwise, he's going to have a problem at home. Problems at home are the same everywhere, no?

It's an important event. We always want to -- I really want to seize the opportunity to enjoy it. I'm going to practice again. And you know there's an expected delivery date, but you never know when it will happen, and I definitely want to enjoy it.

Once the baby is here, I will definitely play tournaments again.

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