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November 2, 2019

Belinda Bencic

Shenzhen, China


5-7, 6-3, 4-1 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What were you feeling on the court exactly? Was it something you felt after you got on the court or before?
BELINDA BENCIC: No, I mean, I was cramping. So, yeah, I started to feel it at the start of the second set, my hamstring. I called the physio. I started cramping in my foot and again in my hamstring.

I don't know, I really didn't want to retire. I tried. Sometimes I just tried to make a good serve, play no rallies. Yeah, just wasn't enough.

I really didn't want to retire. I wanted to finish the match. It was not possible. I'm really disappointed about how my body failed me.

Also, I think these courts are really not ideal. You can see there was four retirements this week, yeah.

Q. Do you feel like there was anything you could have done differently as far as preparation?
BELINDA BENCIC: I mean, I felt okay. The first match I had some common pain in my left heel, but that was okay. I didn't feel that. I was also really surprised I felt it. Then, like, I was really scared I'm going to start cramping, and I started cramping.

I don't think I could have done anything better. I think it was just a really long season. Yeah, I'm exhausted obviously.

I think these courts are, like, terrible for movement of players and for the muscles because it's like sand, how you say. You stop immediately, and it goes directly into your muscles. I think since the first practice, you can feel that in your body. Didn't make it better, yeah.

Q. Up until you started cramping, seemed like you had a great game plan, play at the net. How pleased were you with your tactics and execution in the opening set?
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, I was really pleased with how I fought again, with how I played. That makes it even more disappointing to kind of play well again, maybe could have won the match. I don't want to say. I felt great.

Doesn't feel good that I just couldn't do more. But obviously credit to Elina, made the rallies long. She did the right things. Yeah, obviously she has a great advantage on these kind of courts, playing great at the WTA Finals. So all the best to her.

Yeah, I'm in the off-season now (smiling).

Q. Do you have anything planned for the off-season? What is your ideal vacation?
BELINDA BENCIC: No, I'll just go home and I'll stay there. I don't want to go anywhere for vacation. My perfect vacation will be home, just seeing my friends, family. Maybe go to the mountains to do some wellness or something. Other than that, I don't want to go or fly anywhere.

Q. What do you think was the biggest lesson for you from the season that will perhaps help you next season?
BELINDA BENCIC: The lesson I think for sure is that I really believe in my game now, that I'm where I belong. For my ranking, as well. I have so much confidence to take into 2020. I feel great where my game is at. I'm sure I can still improve some things which I will do in the pre-season, and return even stronger.

I don't know what I learned. Just to be grateful for every win, be happy for every win. Kind of stay positive and keep going every week.

Q. Martina Hingis was doing some press earlier and was asked about you. She said she felt like this season you have arrived, you're playing with more wisdom. Does it feel like this season you have arrived?
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, for sure. I think it just comes with experience I gained with the injuries, how I think now. I'm much more grateful to even play.

I mean, I said it many times. I think the injuries kind of changed my mindset a little bit. Also I've been on tour since 16 years old.

Yeah, I think with the years, everyone is changing a little bit and learning everything.

Q. If I tell you the stat that you had 11 top-10 wins this season, what does that mean to you?
BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, it feels great. I heard it on the on-court introduction. I'm really happy about that. I think, yeah, Dubai I got a lot of wins. It just shows I can play with the best players.

Now my goal is also to kind of, yeah, even when I'm the favorite, someone else is the underdog, swinging freely, I want to win those matches. Still I just keep my free attitude for when I play top 10.

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