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November 3, 2019

Caroline Masson

New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan

Q. First career playoff, what do you learn from this experience?
CAROLINE MASSON: I don't know, I have to think about this. I think if you told me at the beginning of the day to be in a playoff, I would have taken it. Not a bad spot to be in obviously. I did have a couple chances to get maybe two ahead on 17 and make birdie on 18, and didn't use them, but I think overall, I just hung with them all day.

Super proud of the way we played and battled. Nelly just hit a great drive, second shot into 18. It probably sets up a little bit better for her being a par 5 than for me. She is a little bit longer off the tee, but great experience.

Q. How much confidence does this finish and your play here this week give you for the last event of the year?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, a ton of it. Going back to Florida, I've lived there for a few years now. Going to practice hard the next two weeks and be ready. I couldn't get these really good finishes for whatever reason, so it's nice to see one week where it almost all came together, and proved to myself that I can contend with the girls still. Not that old, but sometimes you feel like, man, hopefully you can still hang with them. I think that was nice for me to be able to do that?

Q. What was the experience playing with her and Jason today?
CAROLINE MASSON: It was a little funny. I was happy -- the shot into 18, you can't do anything but just applaud, and you know, I'm quite happy to see them win. I'm proud of them and proud of the two of them, the way they work together, and hopefully I get another chance to beat them down the stretch the next few years.

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