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November 2, 2019

Caroline Masson

New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan

Q. A nice 66 on moving day. What was the key out there?
CAROLINE MASSON: I think I played just as solid as I did the last two days to be honest. Made a ton of birdies. Made a couple bogeys, both were 3-putts. Feels like it could have been better, but I don't want to get greedy. So good round and good, solid play again. Hit a lot of greens and feel like I'm making a few putts here and there and make the putts that I have to, and yeah, adds up to a 66.

Q. Knowing that you felt like you left a couple shots out there, but you still shot a 66, how much confidence does that give you going into the final round?
CAROLINE MASSON: It feels good for sure. I think, yeah, you just always want to keep doing what you're doing. Off the tee, into the greens, I think I've been really, really solid. So you know, sometimes you hit them close. Sometimes you don't and you have to rely on your putting a little more, but either way, I feel like if I can just keep up my long game and just do that tomorrow, I heard maybe a little rain, a little wind; so the tougher the conditions, I think more of an advantage you have when your long game is good. I just have to keep doing that.

Q. People talked about the Solheim Cup bump and the motivation. You played well a couple weeks after that. Do you think there's anything to that?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's hard to say because it's so different. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like you can almost like feel like, oh, man, it's not the same atmosphere, people are not rooting for me as much. It's kind of hard to play all of the sudden.

I just feel like honestly the second half of the season, I've made really solid, really good. The last two weeks showed that, solid, and I'm able to make a few more birdies and be further up. That's nice.

But I think if you win, you're riding on a little bit of a high for a while. We're still here and there talking about it and texting about it with the other girls. It's just been an unbelievable week, so definitely no negatives from Solheim, that's for sure.

Q. Tomorrow it looks like a couple groups to finish, but looks like you'll be paired with Nelly in the final group with your fiancée on her bag. Have you guys played in the same group on a final?
CAROLINE MASSON: No, I don't think on a final day. We've done it a few times -- I don't think in the final group. You know, what like it's a little bit strange maybe but at the same time, it's where we both want to be. It's what we work hard for and what we kind of support each other to be able to do.

You know, it's just about embracing it. I know obviously he's Nelly's caddie and he's rooting for her and he's also rooting a little bit for me, so I think that's fun.

Yeah, I think we are just going to go out there. Solheim was even worse; we played against each other, so we're kind of used to it now. I think we'll be okay.

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