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November 1, 2019

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Shanghai, China

Q. Thoughts on the day?
MATT FITZPATRICK: It's where you want to be, at the top after two rounds. Obviously better to be there for four, but it's a good start to the week. Getting a little bit pore comfortable with my game than last week, so hopefully carry on over the weekend.

Q. Pretty significant change from last week to this week. What happened?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Just a little bit. I mean, we didn't really do too much. It wasn't drastic. It was just I think the golf course last week, a few of the tee shots and a few of the greens the way the grass, as well, it didn't really -- I didn't feel comfortable on it at all all week. You know, I've been here to this place a lot before and it's somewhere I feel comfortable.

I think that makes a massive difference and coming into a few more shots from that aspect, it makes it a little bit more comfortable out there.

Q. Is the course playing more difficult?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I would say so. I think the back nine, they were a little bit more tucked. There were some holes that just a little bit on top of slopes to be honest. You couldn't miss it in the wrong spots, otherwise it made it really difficult to get up-and-down. You know, it was important to sort of just plot your way around.

Q. What needs to happen on the weekend to get your first WGC victory?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Same as the first two rounds. You know, lots of fairways, plenty of greens. Hopefully just the putter keeps working as it has been.

Q. How good was that performance?
MATT FITZPATRICK: It was solid. It was very solid. I did hit some loose shots out there which is always going to happen but managed to bail myself out pretty well. Because of that, helped me sort of keep the momentum.

Q. So the putt on 13?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it was funny, as soon as it came off the blade, I knew it was in. Everything about it, that green in particular, just seemed to be a little bit more burnt out, which certainly makes it two, three-foot faster. Literally I just felt like I had to tap that one and it was on its way.

Q. Tell us about 16.
MATT FITZPATRICK: It was a terrible drive, and then once you're out of position, you just trying to get back in and make a par. Played a half decent lob shot over the back fringe and it was just up against the collar. We could have played it millions of ways. Tried to chip a 7-wood, blade a wedge -- stabbed a putter -- I stabbed it so negative loft that it like popped up over the putter. The putter went past the ball, and the ball was still in the air. Very weird. Went ten foot in front and fortunately managed to make the par save.

Q. Thoughts about what's going to come over the weekend?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, you know, for me, I've been fortunate enough to be in this position a few times already this year. A little bit different being a WGC. It means a little bit more to everyone. Still the same plan. Still trying to hit fairways and greens, and really that's the key around here is if you keep it out of the rough, you've got a good chance.

Q. Tomorrow, a lot of people watching this but a lot of people as well watching the rugby. Tell us your thoughts.
MATT FITZPATRICK: The first game I watched was in England-New Zealand. Watched that for about half an hour. First half an hour, I know nothing about rugby other than we looked great to be fair and we looked quite fast. Scored a try early doors. I'm sure it will be an interesting final to watch, but yeah, all the best to the lads, but rugby isn't really my thing.

Q. Are you a good watcher of other sport?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I can get into it, definitely.

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