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October 31, 2019

Hee Young Park

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. So this is a really unusual tournament with the two weeks. How have you been able to keep your energy levels up and your mind refreshed?
HEE YOUNG PARK: That's right. If I play eight days in a row probably super tired and I can't probably keep it up.

But after four rounds we had three days off, which is two weeks a row golf tournaments I played. Mentally this is new week, new golf course. Just preparing to be fresh and then keep doing whatever I doing, same thing.

Q. Do you like this course better than the first one?
HEE YOUNG PARK: This is I think tougher, but it's been rained and greens a bit more undulation. But more softer green this week, so it's help. That's why making a lot of birdies and not much off the greenside.

Q. How did you find the wind today?
HEE YOUNG PARK: It was tough. First nine it was okay, but after back nine getting stronger and swollen and it was tough to guessing distance, everything.

But try to keep low the ball and then try to nearby, you know, fairways and front side of the green. If I two-putt, it's good. If not, you know, it's fine.

Q. You've got a lot friends over also competing at Swinging Skirts. Every time you kind of post on social and stuff like that, you're getting support from them. Have they reached out to you with any words of advice for this upcoming week?
HEE YOUNG PARK: They were surprised, first of all, and they miss me. I said hi and make sure I'll be there next year, promise, little words.

And then I told them to keep posted for this year for me, and all good words. We conversation little bit.

Q. I was going to say, has anyone reached out in particular saying, You got this?
HEE YOUNG PARK: Yeah, actually couple -- my old fans, Taiwan fans. You have to keep it going, get back to the track stuff.

Q. I would say a 6-under round would get them excited.

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