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October 31, 2019

Corey Conners

Shanghai, China

Q. How satisfying was that 67?
COREY CONNERS: Really satisfying. I played well. I don't have any complaints about the score. Definitely a solid round around here. It's a tricky golf course. Got myself in some tricky spots off the tee. I didn't drive it my best but really played smart, approaching the greens and putted really well.

Q. Your first time in China, I believe. How is the experience for you?
COREY CONNERS: It's been incredible. This place is really beautiful. I'm really enjoying my time here. It been fun. I had a bunch of great experiences the last few weeks and excited to be here. It's a great place. Getting treated really well and love the golf course.

Q. The last few weeks, you were 12th in Korea, sixth in Japan and now starting off well again. What's been working well for you during this Asian Swing?
COREY CONNERS: I've been playing well for a long time. Just being pretty consistent throughout my game. A lot of good stuff happening and putting pretty well. Saving myself some shots here and there, which is always a good thing. Definitely striking my irons pretty solidly. Definitely everything feels like it's in good shape and just having fun.

Q. Lots of birdies, couple of bogeys but an eagle. Talk about the eagle on 2?
COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I just missed the fairway in the first cut of rough. Kind of had a long approach shot, 270 yards to the pin. My caddie wanted me to go for it and felt pretty good. Had a good lie and I hit an awesome 3-wood. Just rolled to the back fringe and rolled in maybe a 15-foot putt from the fringe there.

Looking forward to finishing off this event well and see what happens.

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