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October 31, 2019

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Shanghai, China

Q. 66, how pleased are you?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Very pleased considering last week and how I played in practice. Yeah, I played better in practice than I did last week but yeah, it's a great start.

Q. For me looking at it, the conditions look perfect. It's not that easy. So even though there's no wind and this is beautifully presented, it's still a tough test, so 66, good score?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yes, 66, I'm surprised it's not leading. It's one of those. I know there's no wind today to speak of, but you know, just shows how good the guys are. The rough's thick, and the greens are firm and fast and slopey, and you know, it's not easy. I'm delighted with 66.

Q. Do you feel confident when you come here? Because there's been a couple of decent finishes?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I like the golf course. I like the layout. I know how demanding it is. It can be quite tough. For me it is tougher. I think I started with a 65 last year and then an 85 for the next day. So it is a demanding golf course. Like I say, or like you say, do I feel comfortable here.

Q. The idea is to win, and a few second places. That getting on your back a little bit or are you saying, it's going to happen?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: You know, it's definitely going to happen. I can't say definitely going to happen -- I'd love to say definitely.

No, it's one of those you can't sort of keep thinking about it or keep -- you've just got to keep putting yourself in position. I think it will come. I feel like I've played well enough this year to win. Just five individuals that just really annoyed me and gone one better.

Q. The caddie's award is tonight. How important is a team on a day like today?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: It's great. He knows just as well as me -- struggled last week, my game didn't feel comfortable at all. Coming in this week, put in a lot of work on the range with Mike Walker. To have him is like having an extra club in the bag. He knows what to say at the right time to make me feel better.

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