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October 31, 2019

Caroline Masson

New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan

Q. Bogey on 17, but you bounced back with a birdie on 18 to finish?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, wasn't happy about that bogey, three-putt bogey on 17. There's a pretty long weight on the tee and I hit an okay shot. It was actually quite funny because it kind of stayed in the slope pretty far up there and then this huge gust comes as we talk towards the green and the ball just starts rolling backwards. Wasn't too happy, and then 3-putted with a bad second putt. But nice to bounce back. Obviously I was, like I said, you know, pretty angry with myself and to actually make a nice birdie on the last instead of maybe letting it frustrate me more, quite nice, so good, solid round overall.

Q. How were the conditions? The rain has picked up a bit.
CAROLINE MASSON: It's not too bad. Right now it looks like it's probably the heaviest it's been. It's really just been sprinkling, so not too great but not too bad. I don't think we got too wet. Kind of what we're used to in Taiwan to be honest. Windy and a little bit of rain. Just got to play the conditions. The rain makes it soft and a little bit easier downwind to holes the greens.

Overall, not easy but gettable.

Q. Your third week in Asia. How are you holding up? Season's almost over.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, it's quite nice. I really do like Asia. I'm happy I'm just doing three weeks to be honest because I think that's a good amount. Trying to give it my all the these last few days before I go home on Sunday. It's been solid overall for me. I feel like I've been playing well. I just need that really, really good result. It's exciting to have one more chance at it and hopefully I can get a really good finish this week.

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