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October 29, 2019

Joe Torre

Washington, D.C.

Washington - 7, Houston - 2

Q. Joe, can you just kind of walk through the ruling and what the rule actually does say on how the rule reads?
JOE TORRE: I brought it with me. Yes, the ruling was that Trea Turner interfered, basically -- not basically, he interfered with the first baseman trying to make a play. In fact Gurriel's glove even came off at that point in time. He did run to the fair side of those 45-foot line, but really the violation was when he kept Gurriel from being able to catch the ball at first base.

It's a judgment call on the umpire. Sam Holbrook made the call. It was the right call. Of course then you watch Davey Martinez, and I can relate to that. When you wear a uniform you see -- you know what you want to have happen, basically. And when you're passionate about it that's what happens. He was arguing, saying the way he saw it. And then he was told by the crew chief, Gary Cedarstrom, that -- because he wanted to protest. He says you can't protest a judgment call.

So he insisted on having them go to the headset. The last thing we tell managers, at least, you know, this is what I tell managers when we have our meeting on the first game of a series, is if you think a rule was misapplied go and ask the umpires to have a rules check. They can go to the headset.

And Davey basically was asking them to go to -- just to check on something. And I think he was really aggressive and the umpires basically went to the headset and presented that Davey wanted to protest. And they said you can't protest a judgment call.

The rule, let me read the rule: In running the last half of the distance from home base to first base while a ball is being fielded to first base, he runs outside, to the right of, the three foot line, or inside, to the left of, the foul line. And in the umpire's judgment in doing so interferes with the fielder taking the throw at first base, in which case the ball is dead. Except that he may run outside, to the right of, the three foot line or inside, to the left of, the foul line to avoid a fielder attempting to field the batted ball.

So it wasn't that situation. It was a throw to first base and that's why it was ruled basically an interference.

Q. When you say they're trying to reach someone on the headset, who are they talking to?
JOE TORRE: They call replay.

Q. So Chelsea is interpreting the rule?
JOE TORRE: No, they went and told -- basically, you know, it's the World Series. We want to double and triple check ourselves. And that's basically what -- they said that Davey wanted to protest. I made the call. It was a judgment call. They said to the umpires it's a judgment call and you can't protest.

Q. Who were they calling to get interpretation of that rule, because we had a long delay there and --
JOE TORRE: I know. It shouldn't have been that long. I don't know if it was the noise or whatever it was. I know we had a hard line in our box and we had trouble reaching people because we tried to make some calls, we couldn't do it. It should never be that long. That's unfortunate. And certainly we have to take ownership of that. But it shouldn't have been that long.

Q. Just the bang-bang nature of the play at first base, I would ask where should Trea Turner go once he has to strike the base? The base is only so big.
JOE TORRE: If you notice, he was running inside the line toward fair territory, toward the grass. And he was coming from that angle. If he had been running in the 45-foot line he'd have been coming from a different angle and the first baseman may have had an easier chance catching the ball.

But as you know -- as you saw, the glove came off Gurriel's hand and he wasn't doing anything but trying to catch the ball. And my view, if he catches the ball, Turner, he's fast, but he hadn't gotten to first base yet.

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