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October 28, 2019

Dave Martinez

Houston, Texas - Workout Day

Q. What's the latest with Max and what's the confidence level should you guys win Game 6 tomorrow that he could be able to go Wednesday?
DAVE MARTINEZ: I haven't yet spoken to Max today, waiting for him to get here. So hopefully he's a little bit better. We'll see and I'll talk to him and have more information sometime later today or tomorrow.

Q. If he wasn't able to go, what would the plan maybe be for a game on Wednesday?
DAVE MARTINEZ: You know, right now my focus is on Game 6. We've got to treat that as Game 7 right now. There won't be a Game 7 if we can't get a Game 6. So our focus is winning tomorrow and go 1-0 and go from there.

Q. In the 2016 series with the Cubs, you obviously went to Cleveland and won those two games in Games 6 and 7. What do you remember about the day before, the preparation, feeling of your team at that time going to play those two games on the road?
DAVE MARTINEZ: Yeah, we were actually down 3 games to 1. We won the game in Chicago and then went to Cleveland and won the next two.

Like I said yesterday, you know, we have Stephen Strasburg on the mound, who has been unbelievable for us this year. The guys feel good. We were talking last night after the press conference, and they're all upbeat. They don't think that this -- this is way far from over. But like I said, they're going to rest, get ready to play tomorrow, and win tomorrow.

Q. I know you haven't talked to Max yet today, but as far as you guys were at the end of the night last night, did you feel like there was a chance he would attempt to do anything today or would the plan be to have him rest today, let the injection take hold, and then see what we could do tomorrow?
DAVE MARTINEZ: Yeah, my understanding, it takes about 24 hours for this injection to really work. So we're going to try to give it 24 hours. As we all know Max, he's probably going to try to push it a little bit. But we want him to just try to let this medication kick in a little bit and then see where we're at.

Q. (Question about Aníbal Sánchez and Patrick Corbin availability.)
DAVE MARTINEZ: Yeah, that all depends on how Max progresses here in the next 24 to 48 hours. So we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

But like I said, this is -- we've got to win this game to get to Game 7. These guys all know if we need them, they've got to be available.

Q. Also checking on the status of Kurt Suzuki. Is he available to start for you tomorrow night and how is he coming along with his hip?
DAVE MARTINEZ: I'm actually looking at him right now, he just walked in my office. We haven't talked yet. I'm going to find out his status. He's going to talk to you in a few minutes.

Hopefully he's progressing, but we'll see how he's feeling. He's going to do some activities today and see how he feels after that.

Q. Now that we're down to just two possible games remaining, what can you say about the effort by the group of six pitchers you've leaned on in the biggest spots all October and how have they responded to such a big ask throughout the playoffs?
DAVE MARTINEZ: They've been unbelievable, they really have. Every one of those guys. It's not just six, but Suero has been a big out for us here lately, he's done well. Rodney pitching three days in a row. All these guys have done really well. I'm proud of them.

Like I said, this was all based on conversations that I've had with them since the end of September. And they're all in. I had guys last night telling me, Hey, whatever it takes, man, I'm good to go. Sánchie felt he could throw 150 pitches.

So like I said, they're all in. And I'm proud of every one of them.

Q. When you look at the video and maybe talking with your coaches, overall what do you think happened to your hitters these last three games after such a good performance in Houston?
DAVE MARTINEZ: You know, when I look back and watching, we're missing our pitches, one. I want us to be a little bit more aggressive on the fastballs. Also, two, we're facing some really good pitchers. So it's imperative that -- it's tough enough to hit with two strikes on, but you've got Gerrit Cole on the mound and you're hitting with two strikes, it gets tougher.

With that being said, I want these guys to just relax and just try to stay in the middle of the field and put the ball in play. If you look back, we had some pretty good at-bats yesterday. We hit the ball hard. I talked about Trea specifically. Had nothing to show for it but he hit the ball pretty good three times.

So just keep working good at-bats. This will turn around. Keep working good at-bats. Like I said, one guy gets on, walk, whatever, the next guy, and just keep that train going.

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