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September 27, 2002

Scott Hoch


Q. Mr. Hoch, just some general comments on your play today.

SCOTT HOCH: They played outstanding. But I think they were 9-under through 15 holes, that's pretty good. Every time -- they were tough on us early. Every time we felt like we had a break or some momentum they either topped us or the next three or the next four holes were birdies so it was tough. And Jim and I did not get the ball on the fairway as much as we usually did although we still left ourselves birdie opportunities, many times inside them, but they were making the putts.

Bernhard struggled somewhat but he coached Monty well. They had Monty change the clubs a couple times and they ended up being good calls and they made birdies by doing that. So they played a very good team effort and seemed like lots of times only one of them was in the hole at a time but the guy came through each time. Just kept waiting for them to hit the bad shots that would hurt them but they never did.

So that's kind of the way it is with best ball. You got to go out and birdie; you can't expect to win anything off-course. They even birdie with some of the (inaudible) they are making a bunch of putts.

Q. Some thoughts on the crowd. How exciting was it outside?

SCOTT HOCH: Wow. It's been very good. They were obviously much more supportive of them but we had a nice amount of fans out there. And I think it was a perfect display of a gallery. We know who they're rooting for, which was nice. We heard applause on good shots. We hit a number of bad ones; we didn't hear too much applause on those but the crowds were very nice.

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