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October 25, 2019

Carlos Carrasco

Luis Clemente

Houston, Texas

STEVE AROCHO: Congratulations, Carlos. We'll take some questions for both Carlos and Luis Clemente.

Q. What does it mean to be the first Venezuelan to win this award?
CARLOS CARRASCO: For me this means a lot. Just to win it for Venezuela, my country, I think is no secret for anyone what's going on down there. I feel so happy.

I think the way we did everything, because this is a team, I think with my wife and my family are really happy for the same way that Roberto Clemente did. So I just want to follow this step. That's what it is, this is something I love to do and never stopping.

(Answer in Spanish.)

Q. Carlos, what does Roberto Clemente mean to you specifically and his legacy?
CARLOS CARRASCO: It means a lot. Everyone know here what Roberto Clemente did on the field, off the field. He was human being like us, and everything he did, he did with a heart. He want to help a lot of people in the community. And I think that's the same way that I'm doing right now because I love to do that, I watching him, I read his stories. And as I said before, just following his step.

And this is getting stronger, starting from now, helping more people that need help out there. I think this is something unbelievable, I'm really happy for.

Q. Your words were so elegant in Spanish, would you mind repeating them in English, on what it means for him to win it but also for the job that his wife has done and the support, and the correlation of what it reminds you of your mother?
LUIS CLEMENTE: Absolutely. Actually, my favorite saying is: I'm very proud to be Roberto's son, but I feel extremely fortunate to be Vera's son, as well. And I think that in the Latino family, the wives of the players have to go through so many sacrifices that it's so important for -- to have Karri be that pillar for Carlos during his situation, but also the way they've been raising their children, they have five children.

And I admire Carlos' spirit because anyone could have just felt down after that diagnosis and feel sorry for themselves. But like he said, he only dedicated 15 seconds?


LUIS CLEMENTE: Ten seconds.

That was it. He know what he needed to do. He continued to help others. I think I always say whoever does that is blessed, truly blessed. When you need things to go your way when least expected, they're going to happen because of what you're doing as a good individual.

It's quite an honor to have Carlos join the Clemente Award recipient family. Because he represents basically who that was. It didn't matter any situation, he would put other people before himself. And that's what Carlos has done, that's why he's definitely a great individual and great recipient of the award.

Q. Carlos, if you could answer in English, following up on your wife and what she means to you, and it's clear you both have to cook those meals and make those meals, and what she means to you not only this year but your whole career?
CARLOS CARRASCO: My wife has meant a lot to me. She gave me the opportunity to be with her and to have five childrens, beautiful children. And every time when I go out there on the field then I need to help somebody and I couldn't, because I need to go on the field, so she's the one who go out there.

Because never stop have to help a lot of people and to cook a lot of meals, to giving those homeless on the street. You know, just to start doing that, just to feel when you start cooking and that you know when you give that meal away you're going to make some family happy. So here's my wife with me and that she is the one who made everything possible in my house.

LUIS CLEMENTE: That feeling that you get when you're helping someone and you're not looking to be rewarded for it, you're just doing it because you really care, it's undescribable. That's what we try to instill on the young ones at an early age to become good humanitarians and good leaders in their community. And that's what I think you are empowering people to do.

CARLOS CARRASCO: I love to do this because when I was growing up I saw a lot of people help me too, help in the community. So I've been growing up with that situation. So the same way that I'm doing right now I just want to show my kids they can do that in the future, too. And the experience is very important right now.

So I know a lot of teammates, a lot of players, 750 players all in the big leagues, they're going to see this so they can have inspiration for next year, so they can help a lot of people, too.

LUIS CLEMENTE: That's great.

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