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October 25, 2019

Maia Schechter

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. First off, when you can get a 5-under round together on day three - still long way to go - but at this spot it's got to be pretty good.
MAIA SCHECHTER: Yeah, no, it feels good. I think just keeping in mind that there is still a lot golf to play, but feels like a sustainable. Like I feel like my game is solid and it's sustainable. Like I can keep this -- I mean, keep good golf going for eight rounds.

So, yeah. And I have a great caddie this week who's keeping me calm and focused on every shot and in the process.

We're really just trying to give ourselves 18 birdie opportunities around and we'll make a few.

Q. You have fellow Symetra Tour Leslie Cloots on the bag. When you can have someone who knows the game just as good if not better than you, how nice is it?
MAIA SCHECHTER: Yeah, exactly. No, it is really nice. I feel like we have similar approaches to the game, so picking lines we're very similar. She doesn't read putts, but it's been really helpful just on approach shots and tee shots to have somebody that kind of says, Yep, that's where to go.

She's good at -- we don't talk a whole lot. I'm not a talker on the golf course, so it's kind of just somebody to be, Yep, that's good.

Q. Second year here. Last year, what did you learn from the finish last year to get you to this point?
MAIA SCHECHTER: Don't have your girlfriend on the bag. (Laughter.) Just kidding. Not really at all.

What did I learn? Well, it's been a year so I've improved as a player and just my thoughts going into this week and really the last month or so of golf my two keys have been be fearless and have no expectations.

Just kind of like I obviously want to make it to the LPGA and so does everybody else out here, but just go play and see where you end up.

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