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October 24, 2019

Alex Bregman

Washington, D.C. - Workout Day

Q. You had a big moment here a couple of years ago with the All-Star Game. With your family's history with Washington, what's the significance of you to come back here and play here with your dad being here and all the family ties?
ALEX BREGMAN: Yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun. I mean, anytime you play in the World Series, no matter where it is, it's a lot of fun. So I think my family's going to definitely have a blast being back at home. But can't wait for tomorrow.

Q. Correa said last night that a bunch of you guys talked things through. What was the message that some of the vets wanted to share with each other moving forward in the series?
ALEX BREGMAN: Just players-only meeting.

Q. There's been some discussion today about the concept of pressure in baseball. If there is pressure involved in tomorrow's game is it self-imposed or is it basically applied by the team you're playing against and the circumstances that you face?
ALEX BREGMAN: I think we're going to come out tomorrow and try to apply pressure. When we play our best baseball we apply pressure.

Q. (No microphone.)
ALEX BREGMAN: No, we just want to win.

Q. You guys have four Gold Glove finalists on this team, yourself included. How important is stable defense in terms of getting back in the series?
ALEX BREGMAN: I think it's very important. We want to back up our pitchers, play better defense behind them.

Q. Runners in scoring position has been an issue in the playoffs. What are some of the areas that you think the team has really under performed in that have to get turned around while you're here the next couple of days?
ALEX BREGMAN: We've just got to do a better job. And that's baseball. You go through stretches throughout the season where you don't swing the bat or pitch or play defense the way you want to play it. I think it takes one day to stop the bleeding. You play good one game the bleeding stops. Panic stops. You start playing the way you want to play.

Q. You guys won 107 regular season games, as I'm sure you're aware. You were heavy favorites coming into this series. You're in a 0-2 hole. Can you put a finger on what has happened the first two games that has brought you to this position here?
ALEX BREGMAN: We were outplayed for two straight games. We try and stop the bleeding tomorrow. And we stop the bleeding tomorrow it's going to be a lot of fun the rest of the series. I think that's the biggest thing, just stop the bleeding.

Q. Donald Trump said today he'd be attending a Game 5. You have to win at least a game. Do you have any thoughts on the President being here potentially in a Game 5?

Q. I believe you mentioned once that you have a grandfather that is Puerto Rican, can you explain or give details about that?
ALEX BREGMAN: My step-grandfather on my dad's side is Puerto Rican.

Q. You've been in the World Series once before and I know it's going different than the last time. Can you put in perspective what this team is facing right now? I know you don't want to be in this situation, you'd rather be where the Nationals are, up 2-0. What is the team facing right now?
ALEX BREGMAN: It faces Aníbal Sánchez tomorrow, a really good pitcher. And we've just got to go out and stop the bleeding tomorrow. That's the only thing we can focus on. We can't focus on anything else. Whatever happened before, it's over with. All we've got to do is win Game 3.

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