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October 24, 2019

Hee Young Park

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Q. I have to start out with you have had a pretty illustrious career on the LPGA. You've been out there for a while; couple wins.

Q. When you have to come back to a spot like Q-Series, what's the mentality that you take with you?
HEE YOUNG PARK: I mean, when I will play the first time Q-Series almost 13, 12 years, 13 years ago, it was a lot easier. The stage was less and still strong field, but wasn't that strong like the young girls played, even on the tour -- oh, no -- the Q-Series.

Now the ladies golf getting stronger and the tour really solid. All the players play really well. I expect sometimes I have to go through (wind interference) like Q-Series.

But I knew everybody getting better, skills, everything.

Q. Just seeing how the game has obviously, do you think it's almost is one of those things where it's just a check-in on your game and maybe forces you to elevate it even more than what it was?

Q. Take me through that. How does it do that?
HEE YOUNG PARK: Used to be most time just practice golf, but now I have to training, physical training more, and more working on the mental and course management. I got to focus on it instead of hit the ball, practice.

Q. Other aspects?

Q. How about this course, Pinehurst No. 6 specifically, how does it set up for you?
HEE YOUNG PARK: I played No. 2 U.S. Open before, but No. 6 still beautiful shape out here. Tough green. Bermuda grass makes it really tough around the chipping, and like grain down putts really fast. Often gets stuck, like get trouble with the distance control with the putting.

And then last couple days had a little shower, rain, so fairway is really soft. So I feels like more longer course than just regular golf course.

Q. Shots don't roll as much?

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