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October 24, 2019

Shanshan Feng

Busan, South Korea

Q. 4-under, 68, and you survived these conditions. What is it like out there battling when it would be raining, not raining, and windy and not windy? It has to be a mental challenge for you.?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes, out there it was pretty tough today, but for somehow, you know, when I play in the wind, I'm actually more focused and more patient. Especially we knew that it was going to rain today, so we prepared. We brought our rain gear, umbrella, and extra towels to try to keep ourselves dry.

So I think overall, I did a pretty good job.

Q. Five birdies, one bogey. What are your thoughts out there on the golf course as we all take to LPGA International Busan for the first time?
SHANSHAN FENG: It's my first time to Busan, too. I've been to Korea many times and I think Busan is maybe the second-biggest city in Korea. That's what I heard.

Before I came, I didn't expect much, but I would say it's a very modern city. The people are all very nice, and I think the tournament is really well organized. I think BMW and IMG and the LPGA are doing a very good job like making this event happen,.

You know, I'm just so happy to see fans in Busan, and you know, a lot of them would actually come to me and say, oh, like Shanshan, or zhàndòu, that's like fighting in Chinese. So I'm very excited about it.

Q. So now you get to go home and dry off. How do you prepare for tomorrow? We are expecting some different conditions out there. How do you get ready for the second round?
SHANSHAN FENG: I would say yesterday it doesn't rain much, so we tried like a dry day, how to play on this golf course. I think it's actually making it a little bit easier, because it's softened the greens. I think it's easier for us to stop the balls on the greens and have birdie chances. I think it will be a good day, good week.

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