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October 19, 2019

Luis Severino

Houston, Texas - pregame 6

Q. How much would you love the opportunity to get the ball in a Game 7 tomorrow?
LUIS SEVERINO: I'd love it. Since I was a kid I think I've been a Yankee fan, and being in that situation in Game 7 for a team that I love would be I think one of my best experience.

Q. Is there any situation where you could come in tonight? Have you been told anything about that?
LUIS SEVERINO: Nothing yet. But I'll be available. If he need me, I'll a hundred percent be there. But the main thing for us is get ahead, win this game, then come tomorrow.

Q. How confident are you of the physical problems you had this year are fully behind you and you're good to go not only for the rest of this month but next year you'll have a fully healthy season?
LUIS SEVERINO: Yeah, I feel pretty good. I would say it been a tough couple of months the beginning of the season. But right now all that doesn't matter. What matters now is that I'm healthy now and I can go there and give some good innings for my team.

Q. You could have waited until tonight's result and then spoken after the game. Did you want to come before the game for any reason, just to show how confident you are that there will be a game tomorrow night and you will be starting it?

Q. You're here now, but you might not pitch tomorrow depending on how the game goes. Did you want to speak now just to show how confident you are?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think I'm a hundred percent sure that we're going to go out there and compete a hundred percent. I think for me there's going to be a Game 7. I've got confidence in the bullpen that we have and the guys that we have. We're going to go out there and give everything we've got.

Q. Are you surprised that the bats in the lineup, started off against Verlander but didn't quite explode the way you guys have hoped, do you expect that to happen in a game like today so there can be a tomorrow?
LUIS SEVERINO: The first couple games we're facing a good starting pitching. And they're good getting out of jam. But those two games, doesn't matter anymore. The last game we did what we always did in the season. All those games are behind us. It doesn't matter anymore.

But I feel like we have a great lineup, they can do a lot of damage, 1 through 9. I feel like if we go out there today like we did last night, we're going to be successful.

(Answer in Spanish.)

Q. Because you've been trying to play catchup and rehab all year long, where is your stamina right now? How good do you feel your stamina is?
LUIS SEVERINO: I feel pretty good. I think last night I threw 90-something pitches, I think that's the most I've been throwing this year. And my recovery, I think it's the main thing for me, and I feel like I've recovered pretty good.

Q. Tomorrow would be a pretty big day. It would be a chance to pitch into the World Series. It would be a chance to maybe go against Cole. When do you start feeling nervous about it? Are you already getting into it without knowing what's going to happen yet? Can you feel the kind of excitement already for it?
LUIS SEVERINO: I'm excited. I'm excited even to watch the guys play today and get out there and try to win that game to get to Game 7.

But right now my main focus is in this game. I'll just be in the dugout, cheer for my team, help my guys win this game. And when we win this game, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Q. Because of your two injuries this year that cost you a lot of time, are you contemplating making any changes in your offseason workout programs?
LUIS SEVERINO: I feel like I worked out pretty good this offseason. And like I said before, that kind of injury, you can do nothing about it to prevent something like that to happen. I feel pretty good. Been eating more healthy, trying to do everything to be in shape, and trying to be healthy but it didn't happen.

But I did my workout. It was great. I work out good, eat good, but stuff like that happen and you have to forget about that and keep going.

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