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October 18, 2019

Brooke Henderson

Shanghai, China

Q: Tell us about the hole-in-one.

BROOKE HENDERSON: I got a lot of breaks out there today, including the hole-in-one. It was a 9-iron for me. I didn't see it at all, and then Olly, one of the caddies in our group, turned and said, "That went in." We were like "What, really!" That was pretty cool. It definitely got my day started in the right direction. I got a lot of breaks and was able to make some putts. Eight under, I'm really happy with that, especially with how windy it was today.

Q: Does a hole-in-one early set up a special day or is it hard to settle yourself down?

BROOKE HENDERSON: When I have a hole-in-one in past tournaments, it's been a really good thing. I've gone on to play really well. So I was excited when it happened. The next hole I did bogey, I think it was a bit of the adrenaline rush. But I was able to settle down and make lots of birdies.

Q: What are your thoughts on this golf course?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I really like this golf course. I feel like it does suit my game really well. You really have to stay patient and pay attention to the wind conditions. It's important to hit a lot of fairways and the greens are so large that you're doing to hit a lot of greens, but the proximity to the hole is really important. Hopefully Britt will give me some good numbers over the weekend and we'll see what happens.

Q: You've won all over the world. Is getting a win in Asia important to you?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Coming over here, I was thinking that it would be really awesome to get a win over here on the Asian swing. I feel like China's been really good to me. Last year, I maybe didn't play as well, but when I played in Beijing, I finished I think top three and when I played on Hainan Island, I finished top six. Definitely some good vibes coming from here.

Q: Your group played the ninth hole at 5 under. What was that experience like today? Does the good play fuel a good round?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Absolutely. We were making lots of birdies as a group. That hole, two eagles and my birdie kinda let down the group, to be honest. It was just really fin and we definitely fed off each other. Especially with Danielle being the defending champion here, I was trying to pay attention to how she was playing certain holes. Hopefully we can add it to our strategy going into the weekend.

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