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October 16, 2019

Shanshan Feng

Shanghai, China

Q. What are you looking forward to most this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: I'm just so happy to be able to play in China because normally I play in the U.S. or Europe. There are not that many Chinese fans who come on site and support us. This is a week that everybody will come and most of them will support the Chinese players like me. I'm happy to see that and that gives me a lot of drive to try to hit good shots and make good putts for them. I'm at home, so I have Chinese food every day and I have my family, my team here. I'm just so enjoying the whole week.

Q: You won here twice at a Ladies European Tour event. Tell fans about this course and the little things you've learned as a champion here.

SHANSHAN FENG: I think this Qizhong Garden course is a fantastic golf course. It does play a little differently compared to two years ago because it was a European Tour event and we played it a little bit shorter. Starting last year, it became a little longer course, so it's maybe a little challenge for short hitters. I think this year, the weather is nice and there's not much rough. The greens are softer, so I'm expecting a lot of low scores.

Q: Back in the States, the second stage of Qualifying School is going on and a Chinese player is tied for the lead. What does it mean to you to see the next generation of players coming up and they look to you for so much guidance?

SHANSHAN FENG: Liu Yan, she's one of the girls that my company is managing. I don't know how much we can help her, but I think girls back in China, a lot of them they are very talented. They just need chances. They need people to guide them, to tell them what to do and plan for them. Maybe we've been helping them a little bit. Seeing the Chinese flag on top and her name on the top, I was so proud of her. Other than her, I think there were a few more girls doing pretty well and two more days to go. Of course, if all of them could make it, that would be the greatest. But if not, I just hope as many as they can make it to the Q Series will be best.

Q: You're winding down the season. How are you feeling as you head to tomorrow and get out in front of these crowds?

SHANSHAN FENG: I'm just so looking forward to it because I haven't seen my fans for a while. Maybe since we played Blue Bay last year, so it's almost been a year. I don't know how I will play, but I will just focus on shot by shot, try to bring out my A game and don't let them down.

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