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October 15, 2019

Mr. Pang Sheng

Mr. Li Jihai

Danielle Kang

Jeongeun Lee6

Shanshan Feng

Carlota Ciganda

Molly Peck

Shanghai, China

MR. PANG ZHENG ...devoted to the development of golf promotion in China. Obviously this event will give everybody a chance to enjoy a bunch of Chinese female golfers here competing with world class female golfers.

This is also a platform to raise the bar and level of Chinese professional golf in addition to the preparation for the upcoming Tokyo games. (Applause.)

On behalf of the Chinese Golf Association and also the organization committee, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Shanghai Sports Bureau, (indiscernible), and also Shanghai Golf Association, LPGA, CLPGA, and IMG. Of course also gives his heartfelt thanks to SGM. Best wishes to the tournament. Thank you very much.

GM with Buick will also say a few words as well. Molly?

MOLLY PECK: Good morning. It is a pleasure to usher in the 2019 Buick LPGA Championship on Shanghai with all of you. This competition, which brings together the world's highest level of women golfers, was jointly created by SAIC-GM, Buick, and the LPGA.

This professional golf event attracted a huge amount of attention when it launched in Shanghai last year. The Buick LPGA Championship demonstrates the world's top level of competition in terms of prize amount, number of players, competition quality, and organization.

It not only provides a platform for China's female golfers to compete against the world's top golfers right here in China, but also offers a magnificent opportunity for golf fans in China and around the world.

This year the Buick LPGA Championship reaches an even higher level in terms of both scale and intensity. Moreover, it coincides with a critical time when Chinese golfers, golfers around the world, are preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Chinese golfers have a chance to win Olympic points for the right to compete in Tokyo. Undoubtedly, the enthusiastic support of Chinese golf fans and the top level competition will help China's female golfers gain momentum for the Olympics.

In this sense, this year's Buick LPGA Championship bears even more significance. It's gratifying to see Buick's three players reach even more heights this year. Just three months ago, Buick golf spokesperson Shanshan Feng recorded her tenth LPGA tournament championship. Buick golf ambassador Xi Yu made the cut at the U.S. LPGA tournament, and as a result her world ranking has rapidly climbed.

Another Buick golf ambassador, Liu Yu, entered the final five (indiscernible) the LPGA season, helping her world ranking climb to 38 and No. 2 in China.

All these exciting developments have encouraged us to have greater expectations for their performances in this year's Shanghai LPGA Buick Championship.

As a matter of fact, whether it's the LPGA Championship or the Olympic Games, the beauty of the performance thrills the audience and encourages more people to take part in this sport.

At the same time, the spirit of competition and excellence conveyed by elite golfers underscores the values and philosophy represented by the Buick brand.

As the PGA's earliest sponsor, the Buick brand's bond with golf has endured for more than 60 years. In China, the Buick brand has built an all-around multi-level golf platform with an active presence amongst professional players, professional competition, and youth competitions.

Buick will continue to promote golf in China. In the end, we expect 2019 Buick LPGA Championship will be a complete success, and we wish all the competitors an excellent performance.

Thank you all. (Applause.)

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Molly. Xie xie. Thank you very much. If you don't mind, I'm going to open the floor and let the media have a chance for their questions.

Q. (Through translation.) There are two questions. One is for Molly and the other is for Mr. Li. I think the first question will go Mr. Li. It's about the preparation for the Chinese, GCA side, and in what way can they actually prepare for the Chinese will be competing for the Tokyo Games next year.
MR. LI JIHAI: The CGA from the very beginning of this cycle for the Olympics has already focused on its preparation. In other words, preparation for the Tokyo Games has been prioritized as the No. 1 task to compete. Of course, definitely do our best to facilitate the National Team to support different functions, including funding, logistics and support and so forth, of course we'll do our best for the National Team to help them to have this breakthrough in Tokyo.

We would also like to ask them to follow the example set by the women's national volleyball to do the best they can.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Mr. Li.

Q. (Through translation.) What are the expectations, Molly, as far as your expectations, especially given that Buick has been really supporting LPGA events for many, many years?
MOLLY PECK: Yes, so we've been supporting LPGA events for many, many years. As I mentioned the PGA part, more than 60 years. I think you could say as a brand and as an organization we've grown up together.

What I expect is that we will both continue to deliver excellence. I know that that's what we strive for as a brand and I know that's what the PGA and LPGA strive for as well. And it's because of that alignment and that shared vision that it's such a natural fit that the Buick brand and the LPGA would be together.

Q. Question again to Mr. Li about the expectations to CGA. What might be CGA's expectations from the Chinese National team, including from Shanshan, who is right here. Not to give pressure, but I think I need to have your expectations. Please.
MR. LI JIHAI: (Through translation.) Obviously from the National Team's point of view we would like to actually get as many players involved to be on board as much as possible to be in Tokyo and to compete and also to perhaps excel, exceed our opponents.

This will be our major objective.

Q. (Through translation.) Well, you mentioned, Molly, actually, you signed a lot of excellent golfers, and also, for example, for this event Buick is the title sponsor. Also down the line from Buick's point of view, what might be your expectations as far as promoting this sport further in the future?
MOLLY PECK: So we are committed to promoting golf not just in China, but really for all players around the world. As far as the way we look at golf, we look at it holistically. We sponsor the tournament. We sponsor players. We sponsor amateur and also junior golf.

So what we really want to do is showcase golf to people to encourage them to participate and join in and ultimately to grow the sport in China.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Molly, and thank Mr. Li. (Applause.)

Players, come on to the stage. It's your turn now to answer questions. Shanshan, Danielle, over here. Good to see you, Danielle. Also Jeongeun Lee6. Over here, if you don't mind. Yes.

Okay, ladies, I guess the media will also have some questions for you. Let's just open the floor.

Q. (Through translation.) Danielle, as the defending champion here, last year obviously the victory was also a victory mentally for you. I wonder what kind of positive impact did that event, winning last year's event, what kind of impact did it exert on you? And also, I was told that your boyfriend also has been giving you a lot of advice. What might be that advice that could help you so far?
DANIELLE KANG: Well, so far in 2019 I'm kind of pretty consistent with tournament results where I have been in lost of contentions, and I think that was my goal beginning of the year.

I came back and I played a practice round yesterday and I realized how different it is from how I played last year, because there were lot of shots that I was walking about 30, 40 yards right and I was aiming so far left so I could be in play.

But this year, overcoming that mental difficulty has made it a little bit easier to compete for me, so I'm pretty excited to be back here and to teeing it up again. Try to play a little easier than last time mentally.

Q. (Through translation.) Shanshan, again, you are here to participate in this event sponsored by your sponsor. Any pressure? Any motivation? What might be your expectations?
SHANSHAN FENG: (Through translation.) I don't really feel any pressure. I'm very happy to be here and I feel at home here. Of course I would like to give special thanks to my sponsor, Buick. I feel because of that I feel at home. I don't have any problem with my diet, especially because I can get Shanghai hairy crabs. So that's why I'm happy. I don't have any pressure at all.

As far as my form, maybe just so-so, not terrific; however even with my existing form right now, as such doesn't mean I can't do well. You never know until it really ends. Any result could come out. It doesn't end until it ends.

I will definitely do my best to showcase the style and spirit representing Chinese team or Chinese players.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Shanshan.

Q. (Through translation.) Ms. Ciganda, the question is to you about your success. What do you make of the rise of the European Team right now? You are also in the limelight. Your comments?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I think for me it's always fun to play. I love playing on a team event. Golf is such an individual sport so it's always a lot of fun.

I think this year obviously we won so it was great for Europe. I think it was great for women's golf. I think the U.S. team played unbelievable. I had a great match with Danielle on the last day. I think it was great for golf, for Europe, for the States, for women's golf in general. I think it's just good for us because we need that, I think, for matches to come down to the last spot on the last hole. It was just the best ever.

It's been very good for us, and I think U.S. and everyone did very well.

Q. (Through translation.) Lee6, last year's Olympics -- not last year -- last Olympics Korea really did well individually. (Regarding the gold medal.) As such, do you have any his pressure if you go representing Korea, and also what might be your expectations?
JEONGEUN LEE6: (Through translation.) I'm very proud of being on the Korean Team and also so proud of Inbee Park that she won the gold medal. I don't want to think about it too much. I don't want to feel too much pressure because I want to play well the rest of the tournaments and then get ready for the Olympics.

THE MODERATOR: Next question? All right, that will be it. Okay, that will conclude this session of Q and A. We wish you all the best.

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