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October 13, 2019

Bruno Soares

Mate Pavic

Shanghai, China


6-4, 6-2

Q. Extremely impressive this week. Didn't drop a set. Took out Cabal/Farah. What was the key to today as well as this week?
BRUNO SOARES: Well, I think for us was just believing in ourselves, I think most of everything. We have been playing well for a while already. It's a pretty new partnership, but we weren't winning that many matches.

But we kept on believing, I think working hard, and that's it. Tried to, again, every week impose our game.

I think we had two good first rounds. Very different from what we got the last three, playing against singles guys, stand from the back. But I felt like after the first two wins, you know, we had some momentum going. Had the confidence a little bit higher. And then the last three matches I think we played extremely well.

MATE PAVIC: I don't know still. I wish to find out, and then I will do it week after week.

Q. Were you surprised how easy it was taking out seeds 1 and 2?
MATE PAVIC: Yeah, I mean, it looks pretty comfortable but they were not easy matches, you know. Just like every other match in doubles, you know, a few key points went on our side and I would say changed the match completely.

But overall, in general, we played all the matches pretty good. Besides the semifinal, we didn't drop a serve for four matches. So everything was just working. The kind of chemistry was good. It was a fun week. We played good, yeah.

Q. You talked a little bit earlier about sort of a new partnership. It didn't gel right away? So what are you telling yourselves at those first few tournaments?
BRUNO SOARES: Well, it's like I said, I think for me what we are talking about is I think we have a good understanding of how good we can play or if we are not connecting at all, and we kept on talking that we were playing well, we are doing a lot of things well, but, you know, some matches we got a little bit unlucky. Some matches we got a little bit more nervous and didn't really close it up.

But we had that feeling, you know, not only us but the whole team, that we are playing good. We are playing in a very high level. And the moment that we clicked, we could do something like this.

I think it's important week for us to kind of take the thoughts away and really prove to ourselves that we can do this.

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