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October 13, 2019

Aaron Boone

Houston, Texas - pregame 2

Q. Just with Stanton out of the lineup, can you explain that?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, kind of injured his quad last night. So hoping that it's something that with today and the off day, that he would be back in play for Game 3. We'll just kind of see how these next 48 hours unfold.

He would be available tonight to hit or go in in an emergency situation. He is in play tonight but didn't feel like he was good to start.

Q. Does he know how he injured it?
AARON BOONE: In his first hit getting down the line.

Q. Why did you decide to go with Cameron Maybin in left field instead of Hicks?
AARON BOONE: Tough call. Obviously Verlander is a tough matchup either way. Just felt like with Aaron not having played obviously in a game yet, it's a tough first game back draw. And playing in this park, Gardy in center field, really like that.

If we were back at home where left field is so important, too, probably would have maybe leaned towards Hicks in center and Gardy in left. But felt like here, just considering the matchup every which way, felt like Cam in left and Gardy in center today was the best way to go.

Q. Just the timing of the Stanton injury. Did you know about it during the game last night? Did you find out about it late last night? Today?
AARON BOONE: After the game. Yeah, I didn't know until after the game.

Q. And then today, you were hopeful he'd be available but let's see how it goes overnight?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, just see how he goes. He's going to have some tests and stuff.

So, yeah, we'll just -- now it's kind of treating it as a day-to-day situation, see where we're at, hopefully in the next 48 hours.

Q. You've gone through this all year but is there a point where you go, I can't believe this is happening again?
AARON BOONE: No, that point hasn't hit yet. Hopefully in a couple more weeks. No, absolutely not.

And especially where we are now, where we are a lot more whole than we've been, and to turn to Cameron Maybin or Aaron Hicks and having those options in there, we feel great about what we're running out there.

So obviously disappointed because we feel like G's really gaining some steam and having good at-bats and we know what kind of impact player he could be. But we know when we turn to Cam or Aaron in this situation, we know what they can be.

Q. He hit a home run after the injury, though?

Q. Could he play if it was an absolute necessity?
AARON BOONE: Oh, yeah, and I view him as an option to certainly hit tonight.

Q. Obviously James Paxton's results speak for themselves. What have you learned about his personality, his demeanor, and his competitiveness over the season?
AARON BOONE: I've loved him being on our team and I feel like there's been a lot of growth from him. And obviously a guy that we got early in the offseason with the idea he would be one of the guys anchoring our pitching staff.

And to see him navigate through the season, coming from Seattle, to obviously coming to New York and all that goes with that, and being a highly-touted guy that we went out and got to add to our team, to see him grow and -- I don't want to say learn how to pitch in New York but really take it on.

And I feel like where he is now from where he was at the start of the season, he's in a good place and he's a really tough competitor and I feel like really focused right now in a really good way.

Q. It sounds like the sense that you could use Stanton as a hitter, but DH would be out of the question, because you like the defense the way you have the infield, with LeMahieu at first.
AARON BOONE: Yeah, with the off day tomorrow, we definitely feel like we needed to try and stay away today.

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